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The American War: The U.S. in Vietnam


Pinky and Bunny explain “The American War: The U.S. in Vietnam”


You should not watch the first you tube with out watching the second.

Agent Orange and it’s effects…

To this day, I still hear opinions about Vietnam. That there was no such thing as Agent Orange and that they do not understand why Vietnam Veterans have P.T.S. If you look to see the madness…it, to me is quite understandable and that our soldiers were effected with Agent Orange as well. Germicides do not know the difference between a Vietnamese or an American.

I see Iraq as I did Vietnam…where are the weapons of mass destruction? I only see a war that was NOT NECESSARY!


I pray for World Peace on Easter,
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Canada’s secretary of state for foreign affairs says she cares about the health of an ailing Canadian woman imprisoned in a Mexican jail, but has no authority to bring her home.


Brenda Martin sat down with W-FIVE for an exclusive interview from the Mexican jail. Here are sopme of the details…

“It’s a foreign country and she’s in a foreign judicial system,” Helena Guergis told CTV’s Mike Duffy Live on Monday from Yellowknife, N.W.T.

“Canada does not have any control over the government of Mexico or their judicial process. Any suggestion that a politician can influence a judge’s decision is completely inappropriate.”

Brenda Martin, 51, was transferred to the hospital ward of her prison early Monday and placed under a suicide watch, after a constitutional challenge to her continued imprisonment was denied.

“I care a great deal,” said Guergis. “If I could have Ms. Martin home I would.”

Debra Tieleman, a friend of Martin’s, told CTV Newsnet that Martin is in an “extremely fragile” state.

“She fluctuates between being extremely withdrawn … to begging and pleading for somebody, anybody, to please help her,” she said.

“Mentally, she’s really a mess … I don’t know how much more of this she can take.”

Martin, a native of Trenton, Ont., has been in a Mexican prison for two years.

She has been jailed in connection with a fraud carried out by former boss Alyn Richard Waage, an inmate in a U.S. prison.

Martin has proclaimed her innocence and Waage backs that claim. Although Martin has been charged with money laundering, she has not yet been tried or convicted.

“The Mexican government considers this to be a very serious charge and there is no bail, which is why she’s been in jail,” said Guergis.

On Monday, a judge decided Martin’s case would proceed to a criminal trial.

Martin worked for Waage as a chef for 10 months, before she was fired and offered a severance package. She then opened her own catering business.

After Waage was arrested and convicted of running a major Internet pyramid scheme, Martin was taken to prison in February 2006. Authorities alleged that her severance package was actually money she’d been given to launder.

Tieleman said Martin was initially interrogated by “federales (federal police) without benefit of either a lawyer or interpreter.” That claim was the focus of Martin’s constitutional challenge to have her charges dismissed.

She also said Martin is wondering if the Canadian government will write a formal diplomatic note of protest to the Mexican government.

“In that note, it would lay out where Brenda’s rights have been abused under the international treaty that Canada and Mexico are both signatories on,” she said.

Any such note would likely come from Guergis, according to CTV’s Graham Richardson.

Guergis said she has worked hard to ensure the Mexican government “is aware that we have concerns about the length of time Ms. Martin’s trial has taken.”

She also said she met with the Mexican ambassador last Friday to discuss the case.

Liberal MP Dan McTeague has been hammering the government’s handling of the Martin affair, saying officials have done little to help Martin.
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I am sooooooooooooo glad that this is not me!

The reason why the Canadian Government is NOT known to me…But hey…you neighbors from the north…get this woman out of jail. Get her back home.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~

Exposure Equals Results


The key to the success of is the vast reach that we have to distribute Amber Alerts.

With over 250,000 partner sites posting our Ticker and over 120,000 Desktop Tickers; our success is because you, the viewer, is supporting our efforts.


This is it…Ambert needs your help and your MONEY.

Dig deep Baby Boomers!

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Here is the direct link to Amber Alert:

Several teenage gang members in Fort Worth, Texas, have been arrested on suspicion of forcing girls as young as 12 into a prostitution ring, police said Tuesday.


Gang members allegedly targeted runaways and other girls with unstable homes for the prostitution ring.

After befriending the girls and getting them high, Varrio Central gang members took them to some regular customers and then sought other men by trolling apartment complexes, offering the girls’ services for $50, Fort Worth police Lt. Ken Dean said.

The gang apparently targeted runaways and other girls with unstable homes, and if the girls refused to have sex for money the members beat and sexually assaulted them and threatened their families, Dean said.

“The age of the victims and suspects is the surprising part of it,” Dean said. “To have such young individuals in a somewhat organized business, a forced prostitution ring, is somewhat alarming and such a horrendous crime against the 12 to 16 year old girls.”

Fort Worth detectives found five victims, ages 12 to 16, but believe there may be more. Those girls are back with relatives or in other safe places, he said, declining to elaborate.

A 15 year old girl who may be a gang member helped the suspects by going to the victims’ houses to pick them up under the pretense of going shopping or to a movie, which fooled the parents, said Lt. Dan Draper.

Four alleged gang members were arrested January 3 after they took a 14 year old to a convenience store to have sex with the owner, a regular customer of the prostitution ring, police said.

Diego Rodriguez, 19, and Martin Reyes, 17, were charged with counts including engaging in organized criminal activity, aggravated kidnapping and trafficking of a person. Rodriguez, held on $170,000 bond, did not have an attorney, and a lawyer for Reyes, held on $150,000 bond, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The cases of two boys, ages 15 and 16, and the 15 year old girl accused of helping the gang are being handled in the juvenile system. Police expect more arrests as the investigation continues, Dean said.

The convenience store owner, Chang Hyeong Lee, 56, was charged with aggravated kidnapping, engaging in organized criminal activity and prostitution. He remained jailed Tuesday with bail set at $300,000. His attorney could not immediately be reached.

Police discovered the prostitution ring after a woman was arrested in August in a neighborhood allegedly offering men sex with a 14 year old girl for $50. Police have declined to reveal the relationship between Debra Flores Castillo, 33, who was charged with compelling prostitution, and the teen gang members.

She was released on a $20,000 bond. Her attorney, Mark Scott, declined to comment.

Jorge Martinez, accused of paying for sex with the teen in August, remained jailed on $10,000 bond Tuesday on a sexual assault of a child charge. His attorney did not immediately return a call.

123855370_46c1088bb8_m.jpg A Fort Worth Attorney

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Where are these children and young adults getting these ideas?? TV?

~The Baby Boomer Queen~

In CASSVILLE, Missouri, two men were charged Saturday with murder and rape in the death of a 9 year old girl whose body was found the day before in a hillside cave in southwest Missouri.

Barry County prosecutors charged the girl’s 25 year old stepfather, David Spears, and his friend, Chris Collings, 32, with one count each of first-degree murder, forcible rape and statutory rape in the death of Rowan Ford.

Rowan’s body was found Friday in a cave in a remote part of McDonald County, about 10 miles south of the village of Stella, where she lived with her mother and David Spears. Her disappearance last weekend led to an intensive search by dozens of officers from three counties and 50 FBI agents and specialists.

Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly said Collings confessed to authorities on Friday.

Based in part on Collings’ statement, the affidavit Epperly sent to the prosecutor alleges that the men took Rowan from her home to a camping trailer where Collings lived in Barry County, Epperly said.

There, Epperly said, both men raped Rowan and one of them then strangled her with a cord. Epperly did not say which one of the men strangled the girl.

Collings’ brother, Greg Horton, 44, said he didn’t believe the allegations.

“I don’t believe he could do something like this. He has three kids of his own,” Horton said. Collings’ children are all younger than 10 and live in Arkansas with their mother, who is separated from Collings, Horton said.

Collings was being held in Barry County jail. Epperly said he didn’t know if Collings had an attorney.

Myrna Spears, David Spears’ mother, said Saturday her son did not have a lawyer. He was being held in Newton County jail.

The mother discovered her daughter was missing about 9 a.m. November 3, after working a night shift at a Wal-Mart in a nearby town.

David Spears initially told investigators he had gone out with friends the night of November 2, leaving Rowan alone after she fell asleep. He said he returned around midnight but did not check on the girl, authorities said.

Authorities said he later acknowledged he had gone out a second time, around 1:30 a.m. on November 3, after calling his mother and asking to borrow her sport utility vehicle. His mother has said she watched TV but did not check on Rowan while she waited for Spears to return. He was gone for five and a half hours.

Spears previously said that it was wrong for him to leave the girl alone and that he initially withheld some information about his whereabouts that night because he was afraid authorities would suspect him in her disappearance.

Colleen and David Spears reported Rowan missing about 6:50 p.m. on November 3, after spending much of the day looking for the girl at the homes of acquaintances where they thought she might have gone.
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What kind of monsters would rape and kill this beautiful little girl?

And they did it together…
WHY didn’t one stop the other??? It is unconcievable!

~The Baby Boomer Queen~

Cop begs for help to ID girl stuffed in boxStory Highlights
Fisherman discovered plastic box containing girl’s body on Monday


A self described “cynical old cop” gently held a tiny shoe decorated with purple flowers as he begged for help in identifying a dead child Galveston police have dubbed “Baby Grace.”

Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo holds a shoe just like one “Baby Grace” was wearing when her body was found.

“She is more to us than just a case number, more to us than just an unidentified body. She is very much a human being,” Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo of the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office told CNN Friday.

The child’s body, stuffed in a large plastic storage box, washed ashore this week on an uninhabited island in the Intracoastal Waterway.

“She is someone’s child, someone’s grandchild, someone’s cousin, someone’s best friend, and to us, that is the most important part about this case,” Tuttoilmondo said.

“We have adopted the name of Baby Grace because, there again, that is part of the emotional part of this case for us,” he said, holding the sneaker identical to one of those the child was wearing when she was found Monday. Watch why the Baby Grace case is so emotional for police »

A fisherman became “very upset” after discovering the girl’s body, in a large blue Sterilite plastic container, on an uninhabited island in Galveston’s West Bay, Tuttoilmondo said.

A fishing tournament with hundreds of contestants was held over the weekend in the area where the girl’s body was found. Police said they hope to track down contestants who may have seen something. Some of them may have fished near the site of the discovery.

“If we can get to every single person, that’s exactly what we’re going to do,” Tuttoilmondo said.

Contact Sheriff’s Office
To offer tips, contact the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office at
409-766-2222 or
866-248-8477. The Galveston County medical examiner has said the child suffered skull fractures, but that he found no other broken bones.

“Anything relating to chronic abuse, old injuries, things like that, those are parts of the investigation that we still need to look at,” Tuttoilmondo said.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the medical examiner said the girl had been dead for at least two weeks when her body was found.

A police sketch artist met with the medical examiner Thursday to develop a picture of what the girl looked like, the newspaper reported.

Police said the child was between 2 and 5 years old and had long, wavy blond hair, the Chronicle reported. She was wearing a red or pink shirt and a matching skirt, along with white and purple-flowered running shoes, the paper said.

Houston Chronicle: Police get word out about ‘Baby Grace’
“I don’t often make an appeal of emotion, choosing to stick with the facts of the case as we should,” Tuttoilmondo wrote in an e-mail to local reporters. “However, a case such as this draws out emotions in all that touch it, even us cynical old cops. I ask that you buck the system and include the emotions you, like me, are experiencing in looking at this case, as a parent, a child, one who has children as part of your life or just as a human being.”

Police have received hundreds of calls on the case, he told CNN. “A number of them we followed up on have led us to go check on other children. Fortunately, we found all of them safe and sound, but nothing that’s absolutely made a home run hit yet.”

Other callers have wanted to know how they can help. Some have offered to donate graveyard plots for the child and have volunteered to help sift through information.

“The community where we are is a very close-knit, solid community, and they’re all more than willing to help,” Tuttoilmondo said.
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Poor little darling…how can anyone beat a child, to that extend, to fracture the skull, more than once. MONSTERS!

Texas has the death penatly…even thought all dealth penaltys are on hold right now…this could clearly be a case where it is needed.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~

Scores of sex offenders in Anderson, South Carolina, will be corralled for Halloween tonight in a move authorities say is needed to keep kids safe as they trick or treat.

Keeping trick or treaters safe from sex offenders is a priority for many law enforcement officials on Halloween.

“At 5 p.m., we are going to require all of our probation/parole/pardon sex offenders to report to the office and they’ll remain here from 5 to 10:30 p.m,” agent Gerald Black, with the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon, told CNN affiliate WYFF.

Authorities in Roanoke, Virginia, will do the same. “You have a safer public. We have all the offenders in this area that are on probation or parole in one location. We know where they are,” Randy Phillips with the Department of Corrections told CNN affiliate WSLS.

While there’s a debate about the need for restrictions and authorities aren’t imposing such stringent restrictions everywhere, special limits on sex offenders for the evening are widespread.

“Our agents will be out in force, checking on sex offenders, to ensure that they stay behind locked doors, in dark houses, with absolutely no contact with ‘trick or treaters’ on Halloween night,” said Tom Hoffman, California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation director of parole.

Paroled offenders in California have a 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew, cannot leave any outside lights on and may not answer their doors except for law enforcement. Illinois offenders face similar restrictions, including a ban on dressing in a costume.

Tennessee Rules

Tennessee, in common with many other communities, has issued rules for sex offenders on Halloween. State law mandates the following for sex offenders:

Do not answer the door to trick-or-treaters

No passing out of candy to children

No holiday decorations on homes

No visits to haunted houses, corn mazes, hay rides or other seasonal activities

Do not attend any party where children are gathered

No costumes

No trick-or-treating

Source: State of Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole Sheriff’s deputies in Harris County, Texas, have been checking homes of sex offenders for Halloween decorations and are ready to arrest violators.

“We actually have probation officers riding with us,” Precinct 7 Deputy Johnathon Davis told CNN affiliate KPRC. “They’re going to issue them a citation or their probation is going to be revoked.”

About 2,000 registered sex offenders in Maryland will be required to post “No Candy” signs on their doors on Halloween night.

Michigan and Wisconsin are among states urging parents to check the state’s public sex offender registry before venturing out in search of treats.

“For many parents, Halloween represents a time when our children fan out into neighborhoods that may not be familiar,” Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox told CNN affiliate WDIV. “Doing a timely check of the sex offender registry can help parents be informed about potential risks in the community and take appropriate measures to safeguard their children.”

Authorities in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, took preventative measures Sunday, arresting 11 sex offenders on probation and parole violations during a sweep of 100 homes, CNN affiliate WISN reported.

One of the Milwaukee offenders was arrested after police found a candy dish and children’s toys, both prohibited items, in his apartment.

But some say the sex offender roundups and restrictions are more show than safety.

“There has not been a single case of any child being molested by a convicted sex offender while trick or treating,” writes columnist Benjamin Radford on

Rebecca Brunger, an Alaska probation officer, told the Anchorage Daily News her state doesn’t put any extra restrictions on sex offenders on Halloween as there’s never been a case there of a trick or treater being molested by a registered offender.

Idaho defense attorney Tim Gresback told the Spokesman, Review, in Spokane, Washington, that extra Halloween restrictions on sex offenders are unnecessary.

“Here we’re creating a new police action squad to go out and address a problem that has never manifested itself in the community,” Gresback told the newspaper. He said in 20 years he’d never run across a case of a sex offender attacking a child on Halloween.

But states and communities don’t want to take any chances.

New York offenders face a 3 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew coupled with phone calls and visits from probation officers.

“Our Halloween operation gives parents, caregivers, law enforcement and the community added assurance that children will be protected and neighborhoods will be safe from known predators,” said George B. Alexander, chairman of the New York state Division of Parole.
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Hello baby Boomer and friends…

Do sex offenders have the same rights as other criminals…should they have been hauled in…? Or does this violate their rights??? Do they have any rights?

They certainly didn’t have the right to abuse a child to begin with.

And the average person and child can’t tell them from Uncle Bob, Aunt Sally, the person next door, the teacher or the priest…maybe we should have them wear a flashing neon collars. That might be a determent…

I am still in favor of castration for the men who commit this hidious crime…

Personally…I don’t think a sex offender ever recovers from the act of sex with a child. I think they are permanently damaged.

The mind is a tricky area.

Happy Halloween Baby Boomers
~The Baby Boomer Queen~

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