220px-richiehavens.jpg Richie Haven 2006

Richie Havens first rose to fame in the Greenwich Village folk-music scene that also fostered Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. In 1967, Richie Havens became one of several Village-based artists signed to Verve Records, and released several albums to mostly local notice. In 1969, Richie Havens opened the Woodstock Festival, although he was initially scheduled to appear fifth on the bill. His performance received continuous ovations and he kept playing encores until he ran out of songs. Finally, he decided to improvise a version of “Motherless Child”, to which he added a verse with the word “freedom” repeated over and over; the song was featured in the Woodstock film, and became an international hit.

One can not think about Richie Havens and not think of these two songs…or is that just me???

Any way, for you, my Baby Boomers, who remember…here it is again…enjoy.

****************************************OPENING WOODSTOCK


**********************************HOW CAN ONE FORGET THIS GEAT SONG!?!?!?

Cover of NTLC

Folk Rock is my favorite genre and one can NOT think of it…with out thinking of Richie Havens!

The offical web page for Richie HAven is http://www.richiehavens.com/

I for one, am glad that you are still out there RICHIE HAVEN! You look and sound good to this 60’s chick!

~The Baby Boomer Queen~