Anna Nicole Smith

Doctors’ properties searched in Anna Nicole Smith investigation


From LOS ANGELES, California, armed with eight search warrants, police searched the homes and businesses of two of Anna Nicole Smith’s doctors Friday as part of a investigation into the medical treatment she received before her sudden death, officials said.

Anna Nicole Smith was 39 when she died of a lethal combination of drugs in Florida.

The former Playboy Playmate died of an accidental drug overdose at a Florida hotel in February. She was 39.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown said his office launched the investigation March 30 after an autopsy showed that Smith had a large combination of drugs in her system, prescribed in California, that led to her death.

No arrests have been made, Brown said.

Authorities are looking at the prescription and dispensing practices of doctors and pharmacies used by Smith and her associates, Brown told reporters.


The attorney general refused to provide information on the number of warrants, the names on the warrants or possible charges. He said the warrants were served in Los Angeles and Orange County.

“I’m not going to speculate on who will go to jail and who won’t. But you can be sure that if a judge issues a search warrant to go into someone’s home, there is some serious evidence,” Brown said. “We’re not setting any limits on this investigation.”

“The department will conduct a very fair and thorough investigation and wants to protect the identity of cooperating witnesses,” he added.

Authorities searched the homes of two doctors, a business owned by one of the doctors, four businesses owned by the other doctor and a storage shed used by one of the doctors, two officials familiar with the investigation told CNN.

The sources identified the doctors as Khristine Erochevich, Smith’s psychiatrist, and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, who has been the target of an investigation by the California Medical Board.

Kapoor, of Studio City, California, prescribed methadone for Smith during her pregnancy with her daughter, Dannielynn, according to Dr. Joshua Perper, Broward County, Florida, medical examiner. The child was born September 7, 2006.

In March, Kapoor’s attorney, Ellyn Garofalo, said, “Dr. Kapoor’s treatment of Ms. Smith was at all times medically sound, and he will continue to cooperate with any formal requests from authorities.”

Howard K. Stern, who was Smith’s live-in companion and attorney, was at Erochevich’s home when law enforcement officials arrived, said Stern’s lawyer, L. Lin Wood.


Wood said in a written statement that Stern, who arrived in Los Angeles from New York early Friday, was at the home because he had left his dogs there. He didn’t elaborate.

Other agencies aiding the investigation are the California Department of Insurance, Seminole Tribal Police in Florida and the Royal Bahaman Police, Brown said. Smith had been living in the Bahamas with Stern, and is buried there.

According to Brown, justice agents have reviewed more than 100,000 computer images and texts, analyzed patient profiles and pharmacy logs, and interviewed multiple witnesses nationwide and abroad in an effort to confirm or disprove accusations of unethical practices, officials said.

An unresponsive Smith was found in a room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino near Hollywood, Florida, on February 8. She was taken to a hospital but could not be revived. Several prescription medications, in Smith and Stern’s names, were found in the room, law enforcement sources said.
Perper, the medical examiner, said the medications found in Smith’s system included several prescription drugs, among them three antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs.

Also found in toxicology testing was human growth hormone, Benadryl, Klonopin and chloral hydrate, a sedative, Perper said. That was the lethal component, when mixed with the other drugs, he added.

Perper said the drugs in Smith’s system basically shut down her respiratory and circulatory systems.

The medical examiner said he did not believe that Smith tried to kill herself, as some had suggested, because of the large amount of chloral hydrate remaining in the bottle, and the normal levels of the other medications in her system.

During the autopsy, doctors found evidence that Smith had an abscess on her left buttock that had been perforated by a needle, probably when she took injections of either the growth hormone or vitamin B-12, the medical examiner said.

The perforation allowed bacteria to get into Smith’s blood, which caused a high fever in the days before her death. She was being treated with Tamiflu and Cipro, one an antiviral medication and the other an antibiotic.

The official autopsy report also noted that Smith suffered from chronic thyroiditis, which can cause “fatigue, depression, sensitivity to cold, weight gain, forgetfulness, muscle weakness, puffy face, dry skin and hair, constipation, muscle cramps, and increased menstrual flow,” according to a Department of Health and Human Services Web site.

Perper said the abscess and a possible case of flu were contributory causes in Smith’s death.

Smith’s son died in September 2006, just days after the birth of Anna Nicole’s daughter, Dannielynn. His death was ruled an accidental overdose of three medications, two of which were the antidepressants Lexapro and Zoloft, said forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht.

Perper said there was no evidence showing that the deaths of the mother and son were related, even though both involved drugs.
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Simpson accuser now ‘on O.J.’s side’…


VIA LAS VEGAS… A sports memorabilia collector who accused O.J. Simpson of armed robbery said Saturday that he was “on O.J.’s side” and wants the case dropped.

“I want this thing to go away. I have health problems,” said Alfred Beardsley, the collector who told police on Thursday that Simpson and several other men stormed a Las Vegas hotel room and stole memorabilia at gunpoint.

Beardsley, of Burbank, Calif., told The Associated Press he is not interested in pursuing the case.

“I have no desire to fly back and forth to Las Vegas to testify,” he said. “How are they going to have a witness who’s on O.J.’s side?”

Beardsley said he called police only because the items were valuable and if he had not reported them as stolen he would be “held accountable for all the stuff.” Beardsley said Friday that Simpson had called him to apologize.

Lt. Clint Nichols said later Saturday that Beardsley had not formally withdrawn his complaint and that another collector in the room, Bruce Fromong, had not indicated that he wants to drop the complaint.

Earlier, Las Vegas police said they were questioning one of the three or four men who were thought to have accompanied Simpson to the hotel room. No arrests had been made and police were still trying to determine what took place before Simpson left the room with memorabilia he says was stolen from him, Nichols said. Police think a weapon was involved and want to review hotel surveillance tapes.

Simpson told The Associated Press on Saturday that he did he did not even consider calling the police to help reclaim personal items he believed were stolen from him, because he has found the police unresponsive when he needed help ever since his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were killed in 1994.

“The police, since my trouble, have not worked out for me,” he said, noting that whenever he has called the police “It just becomes a story about O.J.”

“I’m at the point where I don’t rely on the police and this is not a police issue anyway,” he said, expressing hope that it will soon be resolved.

Simpson, 60, said he was just trying to retrieve memorabilia, particularly photos of his wife and children. There were no guns and no break~in, he said.

As police try to determine what happened in the hotel room, they must unravel the contorted relationships between the erstwhile athlete and a cadre of collectors that has profited from his infamy since the slayings of his ex~wife and Goldman. He was acquitted of murder in 1995, but was found liable for their deaths in a civil case.

Fromong considered Simpson a close friend. Beardsley had collected Simpson items for years.

On Saturday, Simpson declared: “None of these guys are friends of mine.”

Attempts by the AP to reach Fromong on Saturday were unsuccessful.

Simpson, who lives in Miami, said he expected to find the stolen items when he went to an arranged meeting Thursday.

The man who arranged the meeting, according to Simpson, was another man who makes a living on the fringes of the celebrity.

Thomas Riccio, a well-known memorabilia dealer, made headlines when his auction house, Corona, California based Universal Rarities, handled the eBay auction of Anna Nicole Smith’s handwritten diaries.

Simpson said Riccio called him several weeks ago to inform him that people “have a lot of your stuff and they don’t want anyone to know they are selling it,” Simpson said.

Along with the personal photos, Simpson expected to find one item in particular: the suit he was wearing when he was acquitted of murder.

It’s not clear where they got the suit, but Beardsley, a former real estate agent and longtime Simpson collector, and Fromong had been trying to sell it for several months. They’d recently tried eBay and the celebrity gossip Web site

Simpson said Beardsley and Fromong were attempting to profit off personal items including the wedding video from his first marriage.

In an interview with, Beardsley noted that during the alleged robbery in the hotel room Simpson appeared surprised the pair were the ones selling the items.

“Simpson was saying that ‘I liked you, I thought you were a good guy,'” Beardsley said.

Simpson accused Mike Gilbert, a one-time associate, of stealing the items from him. He said he believes Gilbert stole items from a storage locker once held in Simpson’s mother’s name.

Attempts to reach Gilbert by phone were unsuccessful.

As Simpson’s licensing agent in the late 1990s, Gilbert admitted snatching Simpson’s Heisman Trophy and other items from his client’s Brentwood home as payment for money he said was owed to him. He later turned the items over to authorities, save the trophy’s nameplate.

Gilbert swore he’d go to jail before turning the nameplate over to the Goldman family, which was trying to collect on the $33.5 million civil judgment it won against Simpson. Gilbert later surrendered it under court order.

As questions swirled around the curious cast of characters and their mysterious meeting, media scrutiny and public interest that has dogged the fallen athlete was in full swing.

By Saturday afternoon, Simpson’s new book, “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer,” was the top seller on

None of the men will profit from the book’s sales. After a deal for Simpson to publish it fell through, a federal bankruptcy judge awarded the book’s rights to the Goldman family.
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WOW…there you have it Boomers…that sure is a shakey business…selling others peoples personal items…that are stolen.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~


In from LOS ANGELES, California, Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, sued his former attorney, claiming she defrauded him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Birkhead’s lawsuit, filed Friday in Superior Court, claims that Debra Opri offered to represent him for free during a paternity dispute involving the baby because the publicity would benefit her career. Birkhead’s lawsuit was filed just days after Opri filed her own suit, claiming that Birkhead did not pay his bills for her legal services.

Birkhead’s lawsuit accuses Opri of depositing at least $865,000 owed to him for an unnamed project into an attorney client trust account against his wishes. After Opri refused to turn over the money, Birkhead fired her, the lawsuit said.

“Opri placed her own career desires and needs as a priority over the needs, interests and desires of her own client,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit also said Opri solicited donations to a legal fund and revealed confidential information during media interviews — all without Birkhead’s consent. Opri is also accused of charging Birkhead for her travel expenses, dinners with friends and entertainment expenses.

In a brief statement released Friday, Opri responded by saying that her former client is avoiding the issue of his unpaid legal fees.

“He has now admitted, however, that he can pay his legal bills having received over 1 million dollars in a media deal,” she wrote. “This does not include the untold millions he has received for selling photos of his daughter.”

Opri said her work on Birkhead’s behalf entailed hundreds of hours of work and required her to travel to multiple states and outside the country. Her lawsuit did not specify a dollar amount.

Birkhead sued Smith in October seeking a paternity test of her daughter to determine who was the baby’s father. Smith’s companion and attorney, Howard K. Stern, also claimed to be the father and was listed on the baby’s birth certificate.

In December, a Los Angeles judge ruled in Birkhead’s favor, but the DNA test was not performed until months later. Smith died in Florida on February 8 of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

Paternity tests released in April revealed that Birkhead was the baby’s father.

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Well there you have it folks…is he a Deadbeat Dad? OR…
Is he, a Dad who was taken advantage of by just one more Attorney? {you all know how I feel about attorneys!

And what do you think about him already selling pics of the baby, Dannielynn…
I bet that Anna Nicole Smith is rolling over in her pink casket over that on!

I wish I knew why Anna Nicole Smith didn’t want him around the Baby.

Any one have a clue out there???

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From LOS ANGELES, California… “Don’t Read!! Personall,” warns the diary’s inside cover. But its author, Anna Nicole Smith, has no hold in death on the remnants of her life.

The public now can discover that she was delighted by rough sex, ecstatic over the prospect of plastic surgery for her breasts and fearful of a jealous boyfriend. She was careless with spelling, punctuation, and, too often, with her own well-being.

Complaining about her then-lover’s carousing, Smith writes that she’ll break it off with him if he doesn’t stop. Then she amends her stand, according to new diary excerpts released exclusively to The Associated Press.

“We discussed it and he said he wouldn’t go out and get drunk no more unless it was with me,” Smith wrote in the diaries, which span about a year from early 1991 to 1992.

On an evening out a few weeks later with the same man (identified only by first name), Smith wrote that she got drunk and “asked a guy for his #.”

Her boyfriend “came unglued. threw me out of his house & broke up with me it was awlful he hit me and my mother,” she said.

The model and former Playboy Playmate, who was born Vickie Lynn Hogan, was found dead on February 8 in Hollywood, Florida, of a toxic mix of prescription drugs.

Copies of 60 diary pages were provided to the AP by Universal Rarities, a Corona-based auction house. The diaries were purchased from a memorabilia shop by a group of investors, who sold two of them to a German businessman for more than $500,000.

Those diaries were from 1992 and 1994 and included references to elderly Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, whom Smith married in 1994 and who died the next year.

The newly released handwritten diary pages are from a different diary and will be posted online at, said Thomas Riccio, a partner in Universal Rarities.

Smith’s tone in the entries veers between simple joy and deep-seated unhappiness.

One entry begins, “I’m a very sad person,” and is illustrated by a weeping face. Smith goes on to write that “my mom hates me so much. She is so jealous of me. … I love my mom but I cant handle it anymore.”

She posts intimate details of an active sex life in often-graphic language. She rails against her boyfriend and, in the same scrawled entry, celebrates her upcoming breast surgery.

“I’m so excited I could scream. Ahhhhh I just feel so happy,” Smith writes, although she later expresses worry about the imminent operation and how she’ll look.

One of the more poignant passages deals with her shock at finding she’s pregnant.

“I’m so scared! How can this happen to me,” she writes, adding that her boyfriend “will hate me. he don’t want kid. Can’t do it!”

She underlined the last phrase.

Smith had two children. Son Daniel died last September at age 20 of a lethal combination of drugs, three days after Smith gave birth to a daughter, Dannielynn. Larry Birkhead was found to be the baby’s father.
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***********************************************Poor Anna Nicle Smith even from her grave they are still using her…VOLTURES…all of them!

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Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead has confirmed he has changed their baby daughter’s name but she’ll always be Dannielynn.


Despite reports he was considering re-christening the tot after being named her biological father last week, the photographer has revealed he has only changed her surname from Stern to Birkhead.


As part of an exclusive interview with Britain’s OK! magazine, he says, “Birkhead’ has been swapped for ‘Stern,’ but I don’t want to change anything else. (Dannielynn is) what her mother named her and even though I didn’t get a say, I still want to respect her mother’s wishes.”

The new dad also uses the new article to heap praise on his one-time paternity rival, Howard K. Stern, who was named Dannielynn’s father on the baby’s certificate.


Birkhead adds, “It seems unlikely but he’s been a great help. He’s just really tuned me in, because he’s been with Dannielynn the last several months. He knows her likes and dislikes, and he’s kind enough to help me out.”

Meanwhile, the 7-month-old baby met her new nanny for the first time on Monday in the Bahamas. The new minder, who Birkhead hired in Los Angeles, is said to be 40 years old and very religious.

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Well, Baby Boomers…is it a happy ending for little Dannielynn?
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A Bahamian court cleared the way Friday for Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-boyfriend to leave the island chain with their infant daughter, rejecting an appeal by the mother of the former reality TV star.

The judge ruled that a court in the United State would likely have the final say in the custody dispute between Virgie Arthur and Larry Birkhead, who was confirmed as the 7-month-old baby’s father after undergoing DNA testing.

Arthur was challenging a judge’s decision this week to allow Birkhead to leave the Bahamas with Dannielynn. Her attorneys argued that Birkhead might not return as directed for another private hearing in the case June 8.

“I’m happy because this is nonsense really,” Birkhead told The Associated Press outside the courthouse.

Birkhead, a 34-year-old Los Angeles photographer, said he plans to leave for the United States once he fixes Dannielynn’s birth certificate to list himself as the father.

In refusing to consider Arthur’s application, a three-member appeals panel noted that both she and Birkhead wanted to take the child to the United States.

“So what is the problem, what is the fear? The child is going to the States anyhow no matter who gets custody,” Justice Emmanuel E. Osadebay said.

The court also ordered Arthur to pay Birkhead $3,000 in legal costs.

Anna Nicole Smith, who gave birth to Dannielynn in the Bahamas in September, died in February from an accidental drug overdose in Florida.

Anna Nicole Smith’s last companion, Howard K. Stern, who had been listed as the girl’s father, patted Birkhead on the back after the ruling and said he was preparing himself emotionally to hand over custody. Stern has been living in the oceanfront home he shared with Anna Nicole Smith.

“It’s difficult for me, but since Larry made it clear he wanted to be the father, I knew it was inevitable,” Stern told The Associated Press. “I just want Dannielynn to have a good life, and I’m confident Larry will give it to her.”

Stern said he hopes to be involved in the girl’s upbringing but that was up to Birkhead. “I’m not requiring written papers or court orders,” he said.

During the hearing, Arthur took notes with a flower-tipped pen in a spiral notebook. “I’m writing prayers,” she told AP. “I’m talking to God.”

Arthur left the courthouse after the ruling without speaking to reporters.

A lawyer for Birkhead, Emerick Knowles, said his client hopes to leave for the United States once he secures a passport for Dannielynn but plans to return for the hearing in June.

“He’d be silly not to,” Knowles said. “He has every intention of complying with the law.”

The girl could inherit a fortune if lawyers resolve challenges over her mother’s estate in her favor. When Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental drug overdose in a Florida hotel room, lawyers were still wrangling over the estate of her late husband, the Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, estimated to be worth more than $1 billion.

Anna Nicole Smith gave birth to Dannielynn in September only days before her 20-year-old son Daniel died of a drug overdose at her bedside.
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Well Baby Boomers…it looks like everything is in place.
I wish the very best for this little girl and I hope that her Father, Larry Birkhead, will love her for what she is and not what she is going to recieve.

The world will be watching. Maybe this little girl will be someone who will be President, cure cancer or use her money to do wonderful acts of goodness.

I know she has two guardian angels watching over her all ready!

Smiles and world peace,
~The Baby Boomer Queen~


Anna Nicole Smith was never considered a serious actress, and she’s unlikely to win any posthumous film awards for her final role as a goofy, flatulent superhero who’s part of a trio of alien babes protecting Earth.

Yet the low-budget B-movie comedy “Illegal Aliens” does show an intriguing side of Smith — a person aware of the silliness surrounding her persona and someone willing to go to extremes to make fun of it.

Early on in the movie — which comes out May 1 on DVD, three months after Smith’s death — there’s a clip from Smith’s reality-TV show, in which she devours a life-size cake made in her own image.

“Eating her own image, that’s what she does in the movie,” said David Giancola, director of “Illegal Aliens,” on which Smith was a producer and her late son, Daniel Smith, was associate producer. “She really wanted people to laugh. Anna and Daniel wanted to make a movie that satirized Hollywood and ourselves to a great extent.”

Smith, whose movie credits include “Naked Gun 33 1/3” and “The Hudsucker Proxy,” plays Lucy, who teams with fellow aliens Cameron (Lenise Soren) and Drew (Gladise Jimenez) to battle an extraterrestrial madwoman (pro wrestler Joanie Laurer) bent on destroying Earth.

The movie is meant as a spoof of action flicks, with one of the gags being that the heroes are named after “Charlie’s Angels” stars Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore (Smith’s character wakes from a nap and says she dreamed Cameron was dating Justin Timberlake, Diaz’s ex-boyfriend, and that Drew was running around screaming “E.T.! E.T.!”, a reference to Barrymore’s role in the 1982 sci-fi blockbuster).

“Illegal Aliens” presents the heroes — particularly Soren and Jimenez — in ever more revealing shorts and halters and Laurer as an outrageously over-the-top foe whose detailed explanation of her dastardly plot comes with an on-screen “super-villain monologue timer.”

An opening scene shows the trio of shape-shifting visitors coming to Earth, Soren and Jimenez’s characters shaped like alien blobs and Smith’s shaped like a hog, accompanied by her little-girl voice squealing, “I’m a pig in space!” They later transform into hot women and get jobs as stunt experts in Hollywood.

In one scene, Smith’s Lucy is scolded by Cameron to put on more clothes, a reference to the revealing outfits for which the Playboy Playmate of the Year was known.

Smith plays Lucy as an extreme parody of her own ditzy-blonde image, providing the movie’s bumbling comic relief while Soren and Jimenez do the heavy-lifting on the action scenes.

“She was always wanting to go the extra mile to do the spit-takes, do the falls, be silly. She really let her child self out. That little kid in everyone,” Soren said. “It gave us permission to have more fun and be silly, because the movie’s silly. …

“She just had an innocence about her. Some people may call it ditzy, but I tend to call it an innocence. Even through all of her life’s ups and downs she experienced, she tended to keep this innocence and this big spirit. That’s part of who she was and what her charm was.”

Lucy passes the time by coloring with crayons, has puzzling moments trying to figure out what a sexual aid is for and mistakenly refers to Syntax, the aliens’ computer overseer, as Charlie, another “Angels” gag.

Smith is shown snoring loudly on a couch while her colleagues keep their nemesis under surveillance. Her character gets carsick during a chase. Lucy’s so dopey she holds her breath to get rid of the hiccups until she nearly passes out.

Her grossest scene comes off-camera, when Lucy goes to the bathroom while Cameron and Drew discuss their plan of action. Lucy’s sounds of flatulence and other bathroom noises are so loud, the others have to raise their voices.

The unflattering depictions were not in the original script, Giancola said. Smith and her son added them to liven up the humor of her character, he said.

“All the shots at her personality come from her draft of the script,” Giancola said.

“Nobody told her what to do, that’s for sure,” said co-star Jimenez. “Everything you see is her choice.”

“Illegal Aliens” includes a prima-donna moment or two for Smith, when she veers out of character, argues with the director and draws one of the movie’s biggest laughs after demanding to know who she has to have sex with to get out of the picture. Male co-stars rush in with their hands raised.

In reality, Smith was anything but a prima donna, coming to the set focused and ready to work, Jimenez said.

“Based on her history that everyone knows, that is common knowledge, we weren’t sure what we were going to come across,” Jimenez said. “So we were very surprised in a nice way.”

Smith and her son were among the top investors in the movie, which cost a bit under $3 million to make, Giancola said. Plans to release the movie were delayed after Daniel Smith died from a drug overdose last year.

After Smith herself died in February, screenings of “Illegal Aliens” were canceled, but the filmmakers eventually went ahead with plans to release the movie through MTI Home Video, which already had negotiated for the rights, Giancola said.

Smith’s share of the profits will go to her infant daughter, Dannielynn, Giancola said.

“My intention was to distance the movie as much as possible from her death so people could laugh,” Giancola said. “That was her intention. That was Daniel’s intention. To get people to laugh. Some people are making the wrong assumption that we are trying to capitalize off her death. But she and Daniel were investors in the movie, and we’re basically just fulfilling hers and Daniel’s wishes.”
How many of you think that 3 months is not distance???

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