For those of you who are busy and want to send VALENTINE CARDS…I have the perfect answer for you…
“Send OUT Cards”…

88782441_70ed8e7f78_m.jpg Vintage Valentine

This is a unique service that lets you use picture plus, your own hand writing, fonts and colors, for businesses or personal!

THEN it stamps and mails them, with a click of your mouse.

2215851159_b358b4f398_m.jpg Vintage Valentine

Don’t worry about finding the right card because if you can’t find that specail card out of over 12,00 cards…you can make your own.

The first ten that contact me…I will personally give them a free card with stamp for Valentines Day for their sweetheart.

2160595209_d2e715a441_m.jpg Vintage Valentine

Service personal get special ranking!

If you would like to send your love thru the mail…direct “your” name, and phone number to me, so I can walk you thru the free card…

365987113_018e5aa07d_m.jpg Vintage Valentine

Am I a Sweetheart or WHAT!?!?!?!

Love and kisses this Valentines Day to you,
~The Baby Boomer Queen~

zzc001_540t.jpg A Send Out Card…