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Web site for women who love shoes…


From Somerville, Massachusetts, a Massachusetts company has fired up a Web site
dedicated to women who are obsessed with shoes called, naturally enough,

The Web site, operated by Powderhouse Productions, based in Somerville, Mass.,
features instructional videos and fashion tips, The Washington Times reported.

460851557_fcde20d515_m.jpg Wear them this way annd you get an extra pair!

“Shoes are universal, women love them. They connect like nobody’s business,
” Powderhouse Productions Creative Director Bill Lattanzi said.

The Web site, with a reported core staff of four people and multiple freelancers, will
offer weekly videos, daily clips and blogs. The site also encourages users to post
videos, the newspaper said.

633696485_a6d46eca51_m.jpg Don’t you just LOVE these!?!?

“Alternate your shoe choice and height from one day to the next, or from day to night.
Wear a pretty ballet flat one day and romp around in your beloved platforms the next,
” a blogger wrote on the site.

Powderhouse, which also produces for PBS and the Discovery Channel, was looking for
a fun project for the company when it got the concept from the Hello Stiletto Shoe club
in Boston, Lattanzi said.

512688986_3a9bc1e881_m.jpg Now THIS…is a shoe closet!!!

Thank you United Press International
I am afraid that I am a shoe lover, myself.

Can one ever have enough shoes…?

There are so many adorable, sexy shoes out there it makes my heart go weak.

“After all it is the ability to accessorize, that separates us from the primates”…and you can quote me on that!


I can think a bunch of shoe references! Here are just a few.
a. Dorthy in the Wizzard of OZ…her RED SLIPPERS
b. Cinderella…GLASS SLIPPERS
c. Drinking Champagne out of shoes…many movies
d. The old woman who lived in a SHOE…the fairy tale
e. Swan Lake
f. The Red Shoe Diary…HBO series
h. The Red Shoe…the movie

~The Baby Boomer Queen~


A Word About Persistence…

Of all the qualities that contribute to an accomplished life, none is more important than persistence. Intelligence, knowledge, connections, luck – they are all important ingredients in the stew of success, but persistence is the stock.

Here’s a little story about persistence – or the lack thereof: A few years ago, I attended a conference where about 200 would-be copywriters had assembled to learn more about the direct-mail business and make contacts. JT, the publisher of a large direct-mail company, invited the crowd to contact her if they wanted to try out for freelance positions.

Shockingly, only eight of the 200 came up to her after her speech and signed up for the opportunity. Imagine that – 192 out of 200 were too busy, scared, lazy, or whatever to take advantage of the kind of career opportunity that comes only once or twice in a lifetime. The eight who did respond were asked to send JT writing samples. Only one person did!

Keep this story in mind the next time you feel you are competing against too many people.
This article was adapted from Michael Masterson’s book, Automatic Wealth for Grads… and Anyone Else Just Starting Out
This is absolutely true! PERSISTENCE does pay off!!!

Once upon a time…LOL…I was applying for a job with a 3M company. This was back in the early 70’s, when women were just beginning to get into the sales market for selling [it was in the South]. Well, I went in, filled out my application, had a SHORT interview. Then I sent them a letter telling them thank you for taking the time to speak with me, giving me the opportunity for working for 3M, that I was excited about working for such a prestigious company.

When I hadn’t heard from them…I started calling them…it seemed that they hadn’t made their mind up yet…so, every day for two weeks I gave them a call telling them how much I wanted the opportunity to work for them and after researching the 3M company how I respected the 3M name…blah…blah…blah…

Finally they gave in…asked me to come and for a second interview. I was so excited. My foot was in the door! They asked me a few questions and then told me that I already had the job because of my perseverance, in seeking the position. I was the only one who followed up and kept after them about the job.

I was the only woman in that whole company, other than the secretary and the cleaning people!

There is more to this story…but I will save that for another opportunity to explain more sales strategy!

Smiles and world peace,
~The Baby Boomer Queen~


Hello Baby Boomers,

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~The Baby Boomer Queen~