This is a video that I thought some of my GREEN Baby Boomers, out there, would like to see.

They say that there is no green house effect…

I say that they lied then and that they are still lying! When in truth, we are not getting closer to the sun…

We are ruining our planet…chopping down the forests and not replanting them, at an alarming rate. Still sucking up gases for transportation, still using aerosols, not using mass transportation.

How many of you, Baby Boomers thought that you would have to buy water because the water is so nasty from your tap that you don’t dare drink it.

The list is incredible of things we should and should not be doing.

The Arctic ice is melting faster than previously thought, according to new research. As a result, the fabled Northwest Passage may become a reality.


World peace and green peace!

~The Baby Boomer Queen~