Inmates sue over bland jail food

AURORA, Ill., three Kane County, Ill., inmates have filed a $2 million lawsuit, claiming the jailhouse food is “distasteful and disgusting.”


A sheriff’s department official said officers eat the same food and not one of them has complained, The Beacon News in Aurora reported Monday.

However, not only do the three inmates claim the food is often cold and the baked goods “soggy,” their suit also contends the calories and nutritional value are “not up to par.”

“We can’t serve a cajun chicken breast,” said Lt. Pat Gengler. “Our officers eat the same food as the inmates, and I have yet to hear an officer complain about soggy cookies or bland food.”

Meals are somewhat generic because they have to be served to a large, diverse population, he added.

The suit, filed against Sheriff Pat Perez, says the meals are provided by Aramark Food Service. The civil suit was filed in Kane County Court by inmates Michael Nance, Devalius McDonald and Deandre Clemons.


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I just wonder…if any of the inmates, filing the law suit were attorneys??? It wouldn’t surprise me…


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