Hello Baby Boomers,

I have been thinking about Drew Peterson recently…don’t you think his first priority would have been to sell his plane, boat, motorcycle or even mortage his house if he had to to find his wife…to hire an investigator to find her…what ever it took? To clear his name if nothing else???


Instead, he whines to the American public to send him money so he doesnt go broke with “his defence…”

That does not look good in my book.

If my husband was missing…it would be the first thing I would do. Even if I thought he might have run off with an other woman. I would want to know where he was and I would want to clear my name!

I still say…he knows where she is! And it isn’t alive!

If I am wrong I will be glad to say I am sorry and apologize!

But, I don’t think I will ever look at a blue plastic drum and not wonder if Stacy Peterson is in it…

~The Baby Boomer Queen~