Evel Knievel has made the ultimate jump…R.I.P.


Evel Knievel, the motorcycle daredevil whose stunts, including an attempted leap over Idaho’s Snake River Canyon, made him a popular cultural figure, is dead, according to his Web site, evelknievel.com. He was 69.

Evel Knievel was known for his daredevil stunts.

Over his career, Knievel was said to have broken practically every bone in his body, some multiple times.

With his red, white and blue jumpsuits, shock of hair and stone faced mein, he was a fixture on ABC’s program “Wide World of Sports” in the 1970s, his stunts perennial ratings grabbers.

Knievel’s most famous stunt was probably an attempt to jump the quarter mile wide Snake River Canyon in 1974 on his rocket powered “Sky~Cycle.” [He had hoped to jump the Grand Canyon, but couldn’t get permission.] The attempt failed, but the publicity was priceless.

His fame even spawned a movie, “Viva Knievel!” in 1977.

Robert Craig Knievel was born October 17, 1938, in Butte, Montana.

Earlier this week, Knievel amicably settled a lawsuit with rap star Kanye West over West’s use of a persona called “Evel Kanyevel” in his video for “Touch the Sky.”

“I was very satisfied and so was he,” Knievel told The Associated Press.
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Evel Knievel is jumping clouds on a bike…with Moses on the back! I can just see it now…all the angels and some who aren’t coming to see the show…

“Once a showman, ALWAYS a showman!”

Rest in peace.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~

~The Baby Boomer Queen~