Flap emerges over Jesus flapjack


PORT ST. LUCIE, FlORIDA, A disabled Florida woman who makes a living selling items on the Internet auction site eBay says an outline of Jesus and Mary appeared to her on a pancake.

Dana O’Kane of Port St. Lucie, who has dystonia, a movement disorder similar to Parkinson’s disease, said she was about to sprinkle some chocolate powder on a pancake when she noticed the divine image, the St. Petersburg {Florida} Times, reported Monday.

Her mother, however, thought what her daughter saw as a divine image looked more like a Bedouin and Santa Claus.

O’Kane’s first attempt to sell the pancake online fell through despite bidding that reached $450. So O’Kane decided to try again, the Times reported.

When the second online auction ended Saturday, O’Kane accepted a $29 bid by Stephen Kosmach of Wood Dale, Ill. O’Kane says she’s going to donate the money to the Dystonia Foundation.
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I am sure trhat those Jesus pancakes are high sellers…but just give me chocolate chip or blue berry pancakes and I will be a HAPPY CAMPER!

~The Baby Boomer Queen~