Accused bandit worth $4 million

From VANCOUVER, Washington, Court documents showed the suspect in the so~called Waddling Bandit cases involving 20 bank robberies in Washington and Oregon is worth $4 million.

Police in Vancouver, Wash., arrested Robert Christie, 71, this week on suspicion of robbing the financial institutions over the last two years, Portland, Ore., television station KPTV reported. A U.S. magistrate said Christie’s assets make him a flight risk, ordering that he remain jailed until his hearing next month.

Christie’s family said it’s hard to imagine that he’s the bank robber, considering his worth.

The FBI had named the thief the “Waddling Bandit” because of the way he walked, the TV station said.
Thank you United Press International
WOW…20 bank robberies and didn’t get caught with todays media and living inb the comp[uter age…a 71 year old man becomes the next Jessie James…and it took them 2 years to catch him…I find that pretty amazing for a 71 year old.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~