Political battle turns physical for pair


In PHILADELPHIA, of all places, Pennsylvania Democrat Stephen Smith and Republican councilman Jack Shingle are used to fighting over issues, but a sign turned their battle physical.

Upper Darby Township Minority Inspector Ed Boyle said a Republican campaign poster placed at a local polling location prompted Smith to become so angry he lashed out at his political rival Tuesday, the Delaware County Times said Wednesday.

“It was posted right by the door. Steve went in to complain and spoke to both judges and the general response was, ‘No,'” Boyle said of Smith’s unsuccessful attempt to have the sign removed.

“Steve was walking out when Jack walked over behind him saying, ‘You’re always whining,'” Boyle added.

Boyle told the Times it was that comment that proved too much for Smith, who immediately attacked the councilman.

The 63 year old Republican received minor injuries, while the 37 year old Democrat was arrested and is now facing multiple criminal charges.

The offending sign remained in place.
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