The Fabulous Moolah, or Lillian Ellisor 1923-2007, is a former female professional wrestler who is marketed by World Wrestling Entertainment for holding the record for the longest title reign of any athlete in any professional sport. Because wrestling is entirely scripted, and the title reign presumably was not continuous, this claim is highly dubious.


Wrestling career

Moolah won the first World Women’s Championship by defeating Judy Grable in the finals of a tournament in September 1956, and according to WWE history, she held on to the belt until July 1984 when she lost to Wendi Richter. Although this reign is disputed by many, both the WWE and Moolah maintain she did not lose for 28 years.

After losing the title to Richter, Moolah made it her mission to strip Richter of the belt and trained Leilani Kai, who beat Richter for the title in January 1985. When Richter won it back, Moolah then set out to win it herself and disguised herself as “Spider Lady” to win the belt. She was unmasked by Richter after the match.


Moolah would trade the belt back and forth with Velvet McIntyre during a tour of Australia in 1986, and retired shortly after losing the belt to Sherri Martel in July 1987.

Moolah was inducted into the WWE hall of fame in 1995. In 2000, she re-emerged along with her friend Mae Young. The now 82-year-old Moolah upset WWE Women’s champion, Ivory to win the title. She lost the title to Ivory two weeks later. Since then, Moolah and Young have made cameo appearances on WWE programming.

• 4-Time WWF Women’s Champion

• 5-Time NWA Women’s Champion

Member of WWE Hall of Fame (inducted in 1995)
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