Two Dead In Covington Murder ~ Suicide…Woman Was Protecting Granddaughter From Father, Relatives Say…

In COVINGTON, Kentucky, relatives say a Covington woman was protecting her granddaughter when she killed the 6 year old’s father, then herself on Sunday.

Police said they found Charles Johnson dead in a Bakewell Street home just before noon.

Nearby, officers found Betty Hamilton dead from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound.

Relatives said Johnson was to begin unsupervised visits with the girl on Sunday, and that he’d abused the girl previously.

Kelly Stratton, the girl’s mother, said she did everything she could to keep Johnson away from her daughter, including taking a photo of her daughter’s bruised body to police.

When that didn’t work, relatives said, Hamilton took matters into her own hands.

“Once they say to you, ‘You’re gonna have to send your granddaughter back to the abuser’? She couldn’t, not one time, not one more time, and then she couldn’t do that without doing something to herself,” sister Judy Sholler said.

“It’s terrible that they both had to die, “How am I going to tell my daughter and tell my son that his grandma’s dead?” Stratton said. “I guess if you’re going through this situation, and you wanna be treated right, you better save up some money to get a lawyer.”

The incident remains under investigation.
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Well Baby Boomers…is the the ultimate act of love or is this still murder, in the first degree…???

I know people who have been in this same situation…what does one do when the authorities won’t do anything to protect the innocent??? Should one take action, like this woman did?

Britney Spears gets public attention when she holds her child on her lap and lets her drive…and how many of you out there were allowed to do this and it was a great thrill for you…

…but here is a Mother and the Grandmother who tried to get help and the child was still put into the hands of the abuser.

If I had Donald Trump’s money I would have a HUGE underground going for women and children [and men if it were needed].

Who wants to help?

~The Baby Boomer Queen~