Baby Drowns In Bucket Of Bleach
Police Investigate Quincy Tragedy

In QUINCY, Mass. a 9 month old Quincy girl drowned Saturday morning after she climbed into a bucket filled with bleach, the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office said.

The Boston Herald reported that the baby’s mother Lee Ann Auperlee, 20, was watching three children inside her Sumner Street apartment when her daughter Mya crawled out of her sight and into a bucket on the kitchen floor.

“I heard a boom,” said Angela Curran, who told the newspaper she was sleeping inside the apartment. “I came out and she was holding her baby. She said ‘What happened? What happened?’ We did CPR, mouth to mouth. She told me to call 911,” Curran told The Herald.

The baby was rushed to Quincy Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Curran said Auperlee told her the baby was in the living room just before the drowning.

“She said Mya was tapping at the TV then she just crawled away toward the kitchen,” Curran said.

An autopsy will be conducted Sunday.

“At this point it’s just under investigation. We’d like to know what the medical examiner has to say,” said David Traub, a spokesman for District Attorney William Keating. “We’re talking with all the people that were there trying to figure out what the circumstances were.”

No charges have been filed by police.
Thank you,

Who has a bucket of bleach on the floor when you have 4 children in the house?

Even at age 20…common sense would tell you that is a NO~NO!

I am glad that it was not me that had to deal with this. Accident or not…it will be something that she will not forget for the rest of her life…how very sad.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~