Maiden Man Finds Human Foot In Auction Item


Maiden Man Finds Human Foot In Auction Item

In Madien, N.C. a
bargain shopper made a gruesome discovery after going to an auction in Maiden.

Shannon Whisnant found a human foot inside a cooker he bought at an auction. Police say Mini Warehouse Rentals held the auction because the man renting the storage unit didn’t pay.

Police discovered that man had his foot amputated in 2004 after a plane crash, and he kept it in the cooker that was sold on Tuesday.

Whisnant said he hasn’t decided what to do with the cooker.

Police say you can legally keep amputated body parts as long as it’s for religious purposes.
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Well Baby Boomers, I have heard and seen people keep things from their surgery, like kidney and gall bladder stones. But, I foot…and keep it in a pressure cooker???
How BAZZARE is that, I ask you…???

I bet it all comes up on EBAY. I wouldn’t bid on it…with my luck I would get the wining bid.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~