Bret Somers


Brett Somers (July 11, 1924 – September 15, 2007), was an American / Canadian actress, singer, and comedienne. She was best known as a panelist on the 1970s version of the CBS game show Match Game.

Born Audrey Johnston in New Brunswick, Canada, but grew up near Portland, Maine. She ran away from home and moved to New York City at age 17 to pursue a career in acting. There she settled in Greenwich Village. She changed her first name to Brett after the lead female character in the Ernest Hemingway novel “The Sun Also Rises” and Somers after her mother’s maiden name and became a U.S. citizen. At the time of her death, Brett resided in Westport, Connecticut.

After moving to New York City, Somers married and had a daughter, Leslie, before divorcing her first husband. In 1953, she married actor Jack Klugman; they had two sons: Adam and David. The couple separated in 1974, but never divorced.


In 2002, Somers reunited with Charles Nelson Reilly and Betty White for an interview on the CBS program The Early Show, to reminisce about Match Game. During the interview, she denied rumors that she had suffered from cancer. She would reiterate that point in future interviews. Somers had a naturally husky voice which may have caused the misperception that she suffered from a throat ailment. However, her son Adam gave the cause of her death as stomach and colon cancer.

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Rest in Peace, Bret Somers…I will miss your humor and zest for life.

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