VIA Las Vegas, Nevada…police said Friday they have questioned O.J. Simpson in connection with an incident at a casino-hotel complex.

O.J. Simpson, seen at a 2002 boxing match, was questioned by Las Vegas police.

Police said they would soon release details and said Simpson has not been arrested.


CNN affiliate KVBC-TV in Las Vegas said the matter involved allegations of robbery at Palace Station Hotel and Casino.

Simpson was acquitted in the June 1994 slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend Ronald Goldman. The two were stabbed to death outside her Brentwood, California, home.

The former football star was arrested soon after the killings but maintained he was “absolutely, 100 percent, not guilty.”
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Now here is something this mind of mine can not figure out…I never did understand if he was proven not guilty, by his peers…how could there be a civil suit against him that was ruled, in flavor of the plaintiff?

BABY BOOMERS…what is your opinion?

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