Paiute Native American shaman Wovoka and the Ghost Dance

The Ghost Dance appeared during a time of desperation for the Native American Indian people.

The Ghost Dance started when Paiute Shaman Jack Wilson or Wovoka had a vision that if our people would dance and sing we Indians would live again.

The Ghost Dance spread throughout the land. In December 1890, the military panicked and massacred innocent Lakota Indian people at Wound Knee while they danced. It is one of the worse incidents in United States history.

Judy Trejo – Summit Lake (Tommo Agi) and Walker River (Agi) Paiute and Anita Collins – Shoshone and Walker River Paiute speak about Wovoka.

The Round Dance was a traditional Great Basin dance that spread across the land in the form of the Ghost Dance, and is now part of many celebrations.

Robbie Robertson sings “Ghost Dance”.
I am ashamed and face great shame to be part of a race that did this to the American Indian.

I was not, nor would have ever been part of what happened, but I post this on my blog so that it will not be forgotten what happened.

I hope that one day, that the buffalo will return.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~