From WAUKESHA, Wisconsin, It was embarrassing enough that Mark Stahnke woke up in a neighbor’s yard without his pants. Then he remembered they contained a cashier’s check for $41,093, meant for his son, and several hundred dollars in cash.


But he got it all back Friday, including the pants, thanks to a man and his dog.

Stahnke said he doesn’t know what happened between when he left the bar and when he woke up the next morning, and police were skeptical when he filed a report on Monday.

“We’re used to hearing weird stories, but with his intoxication we figured this one would be different, that the amount of money wouldn’t be exact,” Police Lt. William Graham said. “How do you get so intoxicated that you lose your pants?”

Stahnke said he had met his son at a bar and doesn’t remember much afterward.

“I woke up cold not knowing where the heck I was, and I didn’t realize it at first because I still had my shoes and socks on,” he said. “When I got up, I realized, my God, I don’t have any pants.”


Tim Curzan’s dog, Joe, found the pants at an intersection, according to a police report. He found the cashier’s check and tried twice, unsuccessfully, to deliver it and the cash to where he thought the owner lived.

On Wednesday, the pants were still at the intersection, so Curzan took them to the police, who contacted Stahnke to claim his belongings.

Well Baby Boomers…

I don’t know what this man was drinking but I do not want any of it!

This is a case of “what did I do” for sure!

I think one might call this a black out…?!?!?!

I do applaud Tim Curzan and his wonder dog for returning this mans property. What a great act of honesty and integrity!

~The Baby Boomer Queen~
Just a funny picture…The Baby Boomer Queen does not promote puppies drinking Hieniken[wink]!