Police rescue pregnant teen…

A pregnant woman was allegedly kidnapped and terrorized, all because she wanted to buy baby clothes, investigators said.


A 19-year-old woman and a 17-year-old girl sprayed the 18-year-old with pepper spray on Monday and took her to a Blue Springs, Mo., hotel, where they planned to cut her baby from her womb and possibly kill her, according to authorities.

Prosecutors charged Lauren M. Gash, 19, of Odessa, and Alisa D. Betts, 17, of Atchison, Kan., with felony kidnapping. Gash, 19, also faced one count of assault. They were arraigned Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the pair lured the teen, who was nine months pregnant, with an ad for baby clothes. The victim made contact with her alleged kidnappers through MySpace.

Once at the hotel, Gash allegedly sat on the pregnant teen’s abdomen and twisted her neck, police said. Betts got cold feet, left the room and called 911, according to court documents.

Police said that when they arrived at the room, they found scissors, an X-Acto knife and a tarp.

“She actually put Amanda on the phone to relate to me the story, and it’s just. It’s absolutely terrifying,” her former stepmother said. “It was good to hear her voice and to hear that she was doing well and the baby was doing well.”

The baby hadn’t yet been born by Tuesday afternoon.

Gash allegedly recently threw herself a baby shower and told her family she’d had a baby.

“The facts alleged in this case by the state are extremely disturbing,” said Jim Kanatzer, the Jackson County prosecutor. “In my 15 years of prosecution, I’ve never seen anything like it.”
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This story really amazed me…our youth are having some serious issues. Is it something in the water or the fact that because of the economy, that Mothers have to work just to put food on the table or afford a few extras?

Has this always been going on…and the media is now more available to know what is going on elsewhere???

This story gave me goose bumps!
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