Hello Baby Boomers and dog lovers

This is my dear friends new adoptee, KiKi.

This ia not a scam…this little dog is gravely ill.

My dear friend, Marlaine, has another dog Trixie who is a “Theraphy Dog” as well. She loves her dog [now the three of them]and like me, she takes them every where.

I hope that you might be able to assist her, with her dogs operation. It is not me that I am asking for…but for KiKi and those that love her.

The information is below.
Thank you
~The Baby Boomer Queen~


Hi my name is Miss Kiki, I was rescued by my new mom on February 9th. She just knew that some thing just wasn’t right with me. My Vet found out after doing a Bile Acid Blood Test on me that I have a Hepatic Liver Shunt which means my blood is full of toxins all the time.

This is a very costly operation with a stay in the hospital required.

Could you please help me by making a donation of any size even a Loonie would be appreciated and if there are any corporations on this site that would like to help that would be great. Please help save my life so I can become a “Therapy Dog” like my Sister Trixie.

Donations are no longer being accepted as Miss Kiki’s little body just couldn’t fight any more.
The Mom Person Marlaine Albert, thanks you from the bottom of her heart for trying to save
Miss Kiki.

AS AN UPDATE (05-26-08)…Marlaine now has a new fur ward and is still in the dog assistance program. We applaud you for your efforts, Marlaine…..The Baby Boomer Queen and readers…

Here Trixie [the one on the ground] is the opening parade dog at the Blue Jay’s Park Day Parade! We have great fun and I wish that KiKi [I am holdiong her] could do more but she is a very ill puppy dog…but I love her any way.