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3 Veggies That Make Your Brain Younger


Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.
Consider them a facelift for your brain.

That’s because munching on veggies like these, which belong to the cruciferous family of veggies, could shave 1 to 2 years off your mind’s age. Here’s how they help…

The Big Memory Reveal

Think cruciferous for cancer protection, too. Here’s why.Women who filled out a food-intake questionnaire demonstrated some pretty significant memory muscle on tests when their questionnaires revealed a true love for all things cruciferous (as well as leafy and green, like spinach).

In fact, the veggie-lovers’ test scores were more in line with those of women a couple of years younger. That means your brain could be 48 when the calendar says it’s 50. Not bad. HUH?


Mighty Nutrients

Researchers speculate that nutrients like lutein and folate, found in abundance in foods like spinach, may be part of the reason for the brain benefits that cruciferous and leafy green veggies confer.

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RealAge Benefit: Eating a diverse diet that includes 5 servings of vegetables per day can make your RealAge as much as 4 years younger.
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