Michael Vick indicted by Federal grand jury in dogfighting probe


From RICHMOND, Va. Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury on charges related to illegal dogfighting.

285683526_6bea9fc671_m.jpg Destined to fight???

Michael Vick and three others were charged with violating federal laws against competitive dogfighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting and conducting the enterprise across state lines.

The indictment alleges that Michael Vick and his co-defendants began sponsoring dogfighting in early 2001, the former Virginia Tech star’s rookie year with the Falcons.

375502421_34658ddd02_m.jpg This is Mr. Bonz…he was resuced from dog fighting…

It accuses Michael Vick, Purnell A. Peace, Quanis L. Phillips and Tony Taylor of “knowingly sponsoring and exhibiting an animal fighting venture,” of conducting a business enterprise involving gambling, as well as buying, transporting and receiving dogs for the purposes of an animal fighting venture.


Telephone messages left at the offices and home of Michael Vick’s attorney, Larry Woodward, were not immediately returned.

A woman who answered the phone at the home of Michael Vick’s mother said the family knew nothing about the charges.
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Well Baby Boomers…

You know how I feel about cruelty to animals…I say…”throw them to the wolves!”

Some of you sports fans might say “AHHhh, come on Baby Boomer Queen, it is just a dog.”

But, I don’t see it that way. No more than I did with the Christains and the Lions!

Here he is in the prime of his career and life and he is going to lose this game…and it is a big game. A game of cruelity and gambling. I won’t be the one to throw the first stone…I will let the animal activists do that!

I don’t care if it is a cock fight or a dog fight…it is not acceptable to me.


Hey Micheal is this the example you want to show the children who hold you in high esteme?

What you do in the dark comes out in the light.

What about it Baby Boomers…thumbs up or down???

I hope my pictures reached some of you out there!

~The Baby Boomer Queen~