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While I do agree that nutrition is good for everyone, healthy or not, I
think you should research the difference between anabolic steroids(the
type wrestlers take) and corticosteroids(prednisone and others that
rheumatologists prescribe). They are not the same type of drug and so
have different side effects. Prednisone, may give you osteoporosis but it
will not cause you to smother your son to death and then hang yourself.
It has its purpose. Aspirin can be hazardous when taken by the
uninformed. But people used willow bark tea long before the Bayer company
existed. Bayer added a little talcum powder and a glass bottle.

In order to be responsible, you should forward people to about.com’s
arthritis page here
http://arthritis.about.com/od/steroids/f/anabolicsteroid.htmThey can inform themselves and then make the decision as to whether
they will or won’t use steroids. The one thing you forget is that as an
auto immune disease, Lupus is not the same in any two patients. What has
been successful for you may be disastrous for someone else and wouldn’t
it be bad if you shortened a 16 year olds life? Most doctors wouldn’t
presume to say that they know all there there is to know about lupus
the way you have with this post.
Wanda’s site is http://mymultimedialife.blogspot.com/Hello Wanda,

It saddens me to know that you are one of the million faces of Lupus, here in the U.S.A.. I understand where you are coming from and can honestly say “I share your pain and suffering.”

HOWEVER…I do know the difference between steroids that are prescribed to Lupus survivors and those that “some” athletes and others abuse.

BUT…I see it differently…I see it as what some Lupus survivors abuse as well. To quote you “Over the last year or so, I have joked around saying that I was on so many steroids, I should be in the Olympics.”

I would never say that Olympic athletes are steroid users.

In fact, I have a post ready that explains the difference of the steroids. BUT, my site is not just for Lupus and so I try to post for the many, not just for the few.

I did not tell anyone to take aspirin, What I said was…that it was the only over the counter pharmaceutical that I took and very rarely.


I do not profess to be a Doctor…I merely tell people what works for me and what my experiences have been. And offer then advice in any way that I can and I do listen and reply.

Opinions are like armpits…most people, have at least two and some of those stink!

I did not tell people to become vegetarians…what I said was to stay away from red meat…that leaves a host of other foods to consume…seafood, pork, poultry. Vegetarians do not eat any of those. NOR do they eat most of their by products…say that to a Vegan and you would get a look from them…that would make you think you had a snake on your head! My only guess is that you are a red meat eater. I don’t believe that there was such a thing in the Garden of Eden…only vegtables and fruits…but HOLY COW…forgive me for having said that!!! Now…perhaps you will be telling people that I am a bible pusher or rewriting the bible as well. LOL

“I am shortening a 16 year olds” life by telling her Mother, not to use steroids!” You truly crack me up! That by far, is the funniest thing you have said yet!

And most Doctors don’t have Lupus [even though the one who diagnosed me did…[that is how I was “finally”…after 43 years, diagnosed properly!] so they wouldn’t/couldn’t/can’t tell you about their experiences and what has or has not worked for them. Medicine is a science not a religion…at least to most of us, out here in the real world. When they give you a new prescription…they will tell you…let’s try this and see if it works or helps…or…this should help you…or…lets put you on such and such and see what it does…you are right Wanda…word are powerful and I listen when spoken too. NONE of that says to me it is a given!

This is my little piece of the world…my blog, as yours is. If you want to “PUSH” pharmaceuticals, that is your prerogative…I chose to tell people how many millions die a year from pharmaceuticals and how Lupus can be drug induced.

So, push your poisonous pharmaceuticals on your blog, not on mine.

To me, there is no difference from a “DRUG PUSHER” on a street corner…than a legal “DRUG PUSHER” at your convenient, on every corner and in most grocery stores, drug store, pharmaceutical company or those who do so on line! They both destroy lives and families, kill over a million every year…in fact more people die from over the counter DRUGS and PRESCRIPTIONS then those DRUGS that are PUSHED on street counters. How do you like those statistics!?!?!? Swallow that statement down, with your next dose of pills.

NOW, as far as Mona Vie is concerned…do some research, Wanda. to quote you again, “drink this weird juice and basically be a vegetarian. That might be good for you in conjunction with medicine. But all the juice in the world isn’t going to keep your body from attacking itself.” The number one SUPER FOOD in the world is the Acai Berry which is the main ingredient of Mona Vie. The University of Florida is going research right now on the ACAI Berry as it is killing leukemia cells radically…see for your self…go to U of F and do a search on Acai. I could go on but I can’t see where it would help you…your mind seems made up.

I prefer holistic healing, you prefer pharmaceuticals. I have posted your comment in the hopes that someone from your site, which you have so generously linked to mine, will be able to make more of an informed decision, as to what they put into their bodies! Thank you! I will post this comment on your site and see if you are as generous!

I am not a doctor nor do I profess to be one…I do know what has helped me…what I have gone thru and have a good idea of what I will be going thru. I won’t be the one hooked up to tubes and machines in a hospital and drugged up…and calling that living.

Remember…if I can live with out steroids…so could most! There are days that are tuff and good days…but tell me Wanda…after reading your blog…you have a lot of bad days! Do the numbers!

We all have our choices…good luck with yours.

Just One…in a Million, A Lupus survivor…
~The Baby Boomer Queen~