Hello Lupus Baby Boomers,

I recieved this letter from one of my readers and I thought I would share it with you…I have changed the name to protect their privacy…

Hi Sharon,

I have been reading about your story and how you regret using steroids and how monavie has helped your Lupus.

My daughter is 16 and has just been diagnosed with Lupus…even though she has been ill for 5 years!

I have actually been giving her MONAVIE active for several months and not sure if it is helping…

Any recommendations for the amount daily (we do the 2oz in the morning and only sometimes at night) that
might make a difference in our results?

Any other advice for us?

Thanks and God bless.
Avid Reader

Hello Avid Reader,

I am so pleased that you have contacted me and that I might be able to help you with your daughter.

My Lupus is very advanced…so I feel that I have run the gambit of everything since I was not diagnosed until 95…at which time they gave me 7 years life expectancy. I don’t write about this in my blog as it is negative and I choose to be positive when speaking about Lupus.

Any way do the math you see I have proved them wrong…attitude has so much to do with it.

Go natural…as medication just inflames Lupus. Steroids can kill, as you have seen some of the results with the wrestler.

Here’s what I do with the Mona Vie…I double the juice! I drink no less then 2 oz in the morning AND the night. When I am ill, I drink even more! Even with a cold! Actually I keep it in the refigerator and I drink it when ever I want…if someone saw me they would think I was an aloholic as I drink it straight from the bottle! I also like it late at night frozen or over vanilla ice cream, there are some great recipes out there…I love to BBQ with Mona Vie!

It will even help with her depression. I know she must have it. If nothing else the pain is enough to make you go insane sometimes…constant pain…I don’t know what her extent with Lupus is…but the wonderful things it does for me is worth every penny I send.

Have her stay off red meat! Have her eat fruits and vegetables especially green ones…the darker the green, the better for her. You need to get fish oils into her.

Yogart is wonderful!

If you can…get her off sodas and onto water she needs to drink lots of water…to protect her kidneys…have her eat lots of cranberry sauce…not the juice, it is nothing but sugars and corn syrups… poisons!

Do not do diet drinks…aspartame is POISON!

No caffeine …green and white tea is better…use honey or raw sugars…not white sugars
Get her off white bread…get those 8-12 grains brown breads and real butter not oleo. Even apple butter is better or creme cheese.

Also, carrots are really good…once, I turned orange because I ate and drank so much carrots…LOL

V8 is good for her…or make your own juices. I have juice blender! I like them frozen like a margarita with out the liquor. My sister likes it with pear vodka. [wink]

You probably think I am over the top…but if someone had told my Mother these things, I would not be in the shape I am in today…

Mona Vie will kick in and the thing about it is that it is PREVENTING her form getting worse. PREVENTION is a cure in it’s self! Give it time…what has happened to your daughter took over 5 years to progress…her body needs more time to heal its self…she has youth on her side…that is a good thing!

Some people are not intune with their bodies and do not feel a change or a correction…but it happens just the same…it is a lot like getting maturer…one minute you are 16 and the next you are 36 and wonder where all the years went.

Those who have illness or health problems usually see the best results…but the others are being fixed anyway the Acai Berry is the Jewel of the Amazon and I call it the smart berry as it fixes what needs to be fixed.

It is better to catch me at night…send me your phone number if you wish and I can call you as I have unlimited long distance…let me know when supper time is so I don’t interrupt.

UP that dosage!

Her menstrual cycle will probably be affected and her cycles hard for her. Keep an eye on that…they don’t call it the “womans disease” for nothing.

Watch her kidneys…that will be what will probably be attacked first…so watch what she drinks!!!!
[…see above…]

Has the migraines started yet? Did she have ear aches as a child?

If she gets headaches have her drink some juice and lay down…naps are very good! Rest is critical.

PLEASE feel free to call me any time…I will be glad to talk to your daughter or you…but I will not sugar coat anything…this is a very serious disease…if you ask for my opinion I will give it…I am not a doctor…but I am a Lupus survivor! And I know know how to actively attack Lupus, instead of the other way around.

I hope I have helped in some small way.

Smiles and world peace,
~The Baby Boomer Queen~