“Why My Dog Got Kicked Out of Puppy School …”


Can you believe my rottie got kicked out of puppy school? While all the other dogs were running around and playing, he was being sent home for being over aggressive (poor pup).

It turned out to be a good deal in the long run because the
instructor decided to visit my home and train him one on one.


So, here’s a tip from past experience, if you want to own
big dogs, make sure they are trained properly.

There is a difference in training a big breed of dog versus a little dog. If you have ever owned a big dog you will probably know
that some of them tend to try and exert their authority far more than smaller breeds.


Let’s face it, a mastiff or rottweiler is more likely to be aggressive and disobedient than a shitzu or some other similar breed. This can be especially true when it comes to aggression towards other dogs, so the key here is to get him or her socialized as early as possible. If you do this early enough, they will know how to act around other dogs and won’t get kicked out of class like my pup.

You will want to make sure that your new dog is not only socialized with other dogs but also around children and people as well. Have you ever been to a park and watched dogs that literally ignore other dogs while some of them appear as if they are filled with anxiety and looking to fight everything that moves?


Well, the latter is generally because they were not socialized properly as a little one. Another thing that many dog owners fail to do, and this is especially important with big dogs, is they fail to establish themselves as the leader—the one in control.

Many dogs have a built in instinct to take charge and become the Alpha dog.


This is seen more clearly in packs or groups of dogs but it will also happen in your household if you are not aware. That is why some breeds are not a good fit for certain personality types.


You must be able to not only control your dog, but make it clear to them as to who is in charge.

Dogs are wonderful pets and a well trained one is the best kind to own. If you are like me and enjoy having bigger breeds, make sure you take the time to train them properly and both you and your dog will live a happier life together.

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PS/We are looking for some funny stories of dog owners who are absolutely out of control and treat their dogs like real humans. If you have any stories to share, let us know.
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