Aspirin Can Boost Your Risk of Stroke


Yesterday, my neighbor asked me if it was a good idea to take aspirin to avoid heart attacks and stroke. I responded with a question of my own: “Would you take a painkiller if you weren’t in pain?”

TV commercials make it sound logical… but taking aspirin regularly just causes a new set of problems. What I call “the law of unintended consequences.”

A new study published in Lancet Neurology found that older people who are taking aspirin “preventively” may be seven times more likely to have a stroke. The same researchers estimated that if the misuse of drugs like aspirin continues to increase, it may soon overtake high blood pressure as the leading cause of stroke in those over 75.

Instead of taking aspirin, take steps to lower your homocysteine levels. Your cells dump this “toxic waste” product into your bloodstream as they burn energy. Too much homocysteine is a serious health risk. In fact, homocysteine levels are a better predictor of heart disease and stroke, by the way than anything else, including cholesterol.

You can lower your homocysteine levels simply by supplementing with B vitamin. No harsh drugs are necessary. Here’s what I recommend:

Vitamin B6 – 75 mg daily
Vitamin B12 – 400 mcg daily
Folic Acid – 800 mcg daily
Thank you Dr. Sears, who is a practicing physician and an expert on heart health. You can learn how to apply his winning heart-healthy strategies in The Doctor’s Heart Cure.
Hello Baby Boomers…as you know I do not believe in pharmecuticals…but every now and a great whole, I will take an asprin for pain or a fever.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~