Lupus Triggers

With all of these symptoms the questions arise about the actual cause of lupus. What triggers Lupus or a lupus flare? Often the signs of lupus are so minimal that it takes a long time to figure out that lupus is the cause of a variety of maladies. People with lupus may have exposed themselves to a number of Lupus triggers not realizing it was those particular things that were making their Lupus act up.

While there are certain factors that trigger Lupus flares, the actual cause of Lupus is unknown. Many theories point to genetic factors that trigger an autoimmune reaction, but there is no definitive resolution. However, things like exposure to sunlight, certain medications, infections, chemical toxins, and more can all trigger a lupus flare.

What Is a Lupus Flare?

A lupus flare is when Lupus symptoms appear. Many Lupus patients have periods of remission where there are no symptoms of Lupus. While medication is still necessary during this time to prevent flares, there are times when Lupus patients are symptom-free. However, Lupus patients need to watch for signs that a flare is coming. They also need to be careful to avoid certain situations that expose them to Lupus triggers.


People with Lupus have abnormal light sensitivity (photosensitivity). The ACR criteria define photosensitivity in Lupus patients as “a skin rash as a result of unusual reaction to sunlight.” Approximately 50 to 75 percent of SLE patients have photosensitivity. Also, 50 percent of discoid lupus patients and 70 to 90 percent of subacute cutaneous Lupus have sensitivity to the sun4.


Photosensitivity can cause new Lupus lesions along with joint pains and fatigue. Sometimes the cause of the photosensitivity comes from the medications a patient is taking. Rashes can come in the form of a malar rash or disk-shaped lesions. It can also manifest as a scaly, psoriasis-like rash or red, circular shapes on the chest, back, and arms.

Due to the photosensitivity of Lupus patients, it is important that patients avoid the sun. If the sunlight is unavoidable, large-brimmed hats, loose-fitting clothing with long sleeves, and long pants should be worn. Also, sunscreen is a necessity for Lupus patients. Lupus patients are also exposed to the sun in their homes and in the car, so precautions should be taken on a regular basis.
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