For those of you who dont go thru my blog…here is one of my rants…this was in response to the Michael Moore article [see below]…I posted yesterday.

The Treasury Deptment is investigating him…for going to Cuba…which has an embargo…how long has that embargo been in place…50 years????

Don’t get me started… {smile}

Paul Says:

May 11th, 2007 at 12:39 am

Boomer…. Michael Moore is a necessary element…. he may not get all of the facts straight but he exposes that which other seldom have the hutzpah to discuss in an open manner. I am sure that this posting and the manner with which the Treasury Dept is pursuing this is similar to the witch hunts in early America or the communist hunt during the McCarthy Era. Our current leadership is more intersted in control and power than truth and justice.


Hello Paul…

Hope you are feeling better!

I hear ya Boomer Boy!

I could not have said it better!

I can not wait to see “SICKO” and see what Michael Moore has exposed!

There are thousands and thousands dying every day from pharmaceuticals and from Insurance companies not taking care of their clients, that have paid for those services for years…

Do you think because you are getting a prescription for 10 dollars instead of 250 that they are all supreme??? LOL They are still making money on you…

I would never trust a company that takes bets on you not getting sick or companies who bet that you will die with in a certain time zone[insurance and life insurances]…

I would never trust a company who gives you a product and openly tells you that it could kill you, make you blind or impotent [just examples]…yet the public runs in masses to the drug store to get them…what is wrong with this picture…???

Medicine is a science not a fact…it is not the great cure all…not when people are being killed from it!

Look up the statistics Baby Boomers do not be lead down the merry path! The path to losing your eye sight or your kidneys or some other reaction to pharmaceuticals!

Wake up Baby Boomers, these frauds are right up there with your gas companies…they are hand and hand with big brother!

It is all about the money…follow the money…why are these drug companies only making medicines that assist you…instead of cure you??? Because if you are CURED you don’t need their 250 dollar pills every @#%$@*$@ month!

Don’t be a cow…be a RHINO…remember that cows get lead to the slaughter house!

We all know what a three legged cow is…HAMBURGER!
{SORRY, Vegans!}

Well…there you have my rant for the day…or do you [wink]…

“”NO GAS ON MONDAYS…and do not buy from Chevron, Mobil, Exxon, PERIOD!”

Smiles, world peace and the end to most pharmaceuticals!
~The Baby Boomer Queen~