15784300_bb8104f0ef_s.jpgThis is my Mother, I am the little girl on the left, my sister is on the right.

I remember my Mother…

They say that you become your Mother…and when you are a child you think that is too weird to be true…but as time goes by and your opinions change…you fondly remember her and wish that you knew then what you know now.

It is amazing that you Mother who was probably the most UNHIPPIST [if there is such a word from the 60’s!?!] person on the face of the planet, has some how become an endearment and one of the smartest people you know.

I remember my Mother for making us enjoy all the arts, for NEVER letting anyone tell me that I couldn’t do anything, for making me taste every thing at least once. For placing her cool hand on my fevered brow. Making me love the ocean, fishing and baseball.

I remember her for not giving me drugs for my A.D.D. For feeding the poor with the fish she caught. For her support and knowing what a adventurous spirit I had and never stopping me from those goals, even when it took me far away from her.

I remember her fried chicken, her handwriting and her love of cribbage.

I remember her giving my toys to children, who had less…not something I understood at the time!

I remember the beautiful clothes she used to make me and the dolls that she gave me {I hated those dolls…but I loved the clothes}.

I know there were scarifies thru the years that she gave us and she never thought about it twice nor was it ever brought up…

I remember her hands, which are just like mine, now.

I remember the card and sometimes a gift I would get on Mothers Day telling me thank you for being her child. “With out you girls,” she would say…”I wouldn’t be a Mother!”

68735948_4e6f27b7c5_s.jpgOnce again, I am the one on the left, my sister on the right.

Oh yes, I remember my Mother and this time of the year…I miss her more. She has been gone since 1999 and it seems like yesterday. It will all ways seem like yesterday, to me!

Baby Boomers, I hope that you remember your Mother Sunday and tell her that you love her.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~
Thanks to my sister who has all of our photo memories and saved then for me…since I lose all of mine in a fire.