In LOS ANGELES, California, Paris Hilton arrived at court 10 minutes late Friday for a probation violation hearing at which a jail sentence was a possibility.

The heiress arrived in the back of a black sport utility vehicle and swept into the Metropolitan Courthouse with several men in suits, ignoring screams of photographers lining the route into a rear entrance.

Wearing a gray jacket and white shirt over black slacks and with a black headband on, she said nothing and appeared serious.

Prosecutors announced earlier they were asking the judge to sentence Hilton to 45 days in jail for allegedly violating the terms of her probation for an alcohol-related reckless driving conviction.

Prosecutors also were seeking to have Hilton ordered to avoid alcohol for 90 days, wear a monitoring device that would chart whether she complies, and have the suspension of her drivers license extended for an additional four months.

The celebrity case brought an unusual scene to the austere courthouse south of downtown in a commercial area. As if at a red carpet event, dozens of photographers and reporters lined up at the rear entrance. Yellow police tape substituted for velvet ropes.

TV trucks were parked nearby to beam the news worldwide and a helicopter hovered overhead. Extra sheriff’s deputies stood guard.

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Paris dear…never be late for court…the JUdge doesn’t like that, dear!!!

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