Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead has confirmed he has changed their baby daughter’s name but she’ll always be Dannielynn.


Despite reports he was considering re-christening the tot after being named her biological father last week, the photographer has revealed he has only changed her surname from Stern to Birkhead.


As part of an exclusive interview with Britain’s OK! magazine, he says, “Birkhead’ has been swapped for ‘Stern,’ but I don’t want to change anything else. (Dannielynn is) what her mother named her and even though I didn’t get a say, I still want to respect her mother’s wishes.”

The new dad also uses the new article to heap praise on his one-time paternity rival, Howard K. Stern, who was named Dannielynn’s father on the baby’s certificate.


Birkhead adds, “It seems unlikely but he’s been a great help. He’s just really tuned me in, because he’s been with Dannielynn the last several months. He knows her likes and dislikes, and he’s kind enough to help me out.”

Meanwhile, the 7-month-old baby met her new nanny for the first time on Monday in the Bahamas. The new minder, who Birkhead hired in Los Angeles, is said to be 40 years old and very religious.

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Well, Baby Boomers…is it a happy ending for little Dannielynn?
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