Twenty-six smoking toilets, and three more on fire, put a Japanese toilet maker in the hot seat on Monday.

Toto Ltd., known for its high-tech toilets with bidets that have blow-drying, air purification and seat-warming functions, apologized to consumers and offered free checks and repairs after some of its toilets with bidets and heated seats sent up smoke and three caught fire.


“We apologize deeply for the trouble we have caused to our customers,” the company said in a statement.

Toto said no people were injured as a result of the problems and damage was limited to a small part of the toilet tank.

The problem was caused as friction was generated in a part inside the toilets, eventually producing heat. It affected some toilet models made between March 1999 and December 2001.


“We are offering free checks and repairs if needed to anybody who owns these models,” a company spokesman said.

The company’s most famous product, the combined toilet/bidet or “wash let,” is a common household article in Japan.
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Baby Boomers…I am sure that you will agree with me this is one hot subject…especailly for those of you who like to sit and read in the bathroom.

Hopefully, the toilet would still be able to flush if you had to call the fire department. And don’t you think the toilet would put itself out??? When you flush?

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