I think I have found happiness.

I asked my friend to bring me back some chocolate from town…and what she brought back was a Godiva Chocolate Ice Cream Bar.

I am telling you right now it is so rich and creaming I thought I was going to to faint away.

And it came on this cute little wooden stick. It came in it’s own little box with a wrapper in side to protect it…it was like opening a chocolate present.

When you are feeling down…get one of these…there is no way that you can feel bad when you sink your teeth into on of these bars and the chocolate flavor explodes in your mouth. Your taste buds will go crazy.

I do want to take a moment and discuss the name GODIVA.
I see it and think GO DIVA but my friend saw it and said look at the name it is Gods Chocolate…LOL

Well, I must admit it was a little bit of heaven.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~