John Walker Lindh is transfered to a SUPER MAX facility in Colorado…should he be in prison? Read below to get the others side opinion…


John Walker Lindh, serving a 20-year sentence after fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan, has been transferred to Supermax, the federal government’s most secure prison, authorities said Thursday.

Lindh was moved to the facility about 90 miles south of Denver in February for security reasons, said Isidro Garcia, a spokesman for the federal Bureau of Prisons. Garcia said he had no other information.

Lindh’s transfer was first reported on He had been held at a medium-security federal penitentiary in Victorville, Calif.

Lindh was captured in November 2001 by American forces sent to topple the Taliban after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He was charged with conspiring to kill Americans and support terrorists but pleaded guilty to lesser charges, including carrying explosives for the Taliban government.


Lindh has served 4 1/2 years. His attorneys have applied to President Bush to commute his sentence after Australian David Hicks was sentenced to less than a year in prison last month for aiding terrorism.

Supermax houses some of the nation’s most notorious inmates, including Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski, Oklahoma City bombing coconspirator Terry Nichols and Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph.
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• John Walker Lindh is in prison for providing aid to the Taliban between May and November of 2001. In May of 2001 the Bush Administration provided $43 million in aid to the Taliban.
• The government grossly overstated its case when JWL was first arrested. Consequently, the government dismissed nine out of ten of its original charges.

• Lindh began to fight the Northern Alliance before the United States became involved in the conflict.
• The indictment states that Lindh declined the offer to participate in terror operations against Israel and the United States and chose instead to go to the front lines to fight the Northern Alliance. Nevertheless, Attorney General Ashcroft told the nation at his February 5, 2002 press conference that Lindh had dedicated himself to “killing Americans.” This was a blatant falsehood, and Mr. Ashcroft, who had just read the Indictment, knew it. The maintstream media almost completely ignored this portion of the Indictment. Most of you will read about it here for the first time.

There is no evidence that Lindh intended to murder Americans or to assist terrorists in doing so. His sole purpose all along was to prevent the Northern Alliance from regaining control of the country that had given them the boot in 1997.

Lindh was given 20 years in federal prison simply for participating in another country’s civil war. Ironically, Americans have a long history of doing just that. Thousands joined the Lincoln Brigade during the Spanish civil war. Thousands have fought in Israel’s army and continue to do so. Others fought for Bosnia’s Muslim-led government against Serb forces. Some fought with the Contras in Nicaragua. Others have joined the French Foreign Legion.

Why then 20 years for John Walker Lindh? Can it really be doubted that but for our government’s impotence in the wake of September 11 Lindh would not have been prosecuted? Americans of all political stripes should be deeply troubled when politics enters the courtroom. As conservative commentator Craig Robert noted in “A Petty Prosecution,” rather than rejoicing, “[Americans] would do better to step back and consider that if John Lindh can be coerced into a wrongful plea, so can they.”

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