Spring is finally approaching. The days are getting longer, the temperatures warmer and subtle evidence of color and growth are emerging. Nature finally awakens from her slumberous dwelling, and the cycle of life begins again.

Life also begins again in the form of countless litters of kittens. Spring is kitten season, and it is always spring somewhere. Recently, North Shore Animal League America rescued several cats and their litters. We knew all too well that these cute, little spring bundles tightly clenched to their devoted mothers wouldn’t stand a chance in a municipal shelter, and there are more being born every day.


Spring’s newborn kittens may conjure picture-perfect images of fuzzy, little fur balls and meowing maestros frolicking in the radiant sunshine, but the real picture, however, is much darker and not nearly as warm. What so many people don’t realize, and what is so difficult to accept is that regardless of how irresistibly cute they are, most of these innocent babies will die or be killed.

With cats producing spring litters at the rate of blooming flowers, it’s important to realize the serious repercussions of mating season and to act accordingly. It’s definitely time to spring into action.


For example, lovely Calla and her darling kittens are currently being cared for in the League’s foster care ward. We’ve no doubt that in a drastically overcrowded municipal shelter, this loving mother and her six adorable babies would have been considered “overpopulation.” Sadly, due to space restrictions, lack of adopters or insufficient medical facilities needed to properly nurture the animals, the shelter would have had to euthanize them.

North Shore Animal League America deeply values and respects every life. Our no-kill philosophy inspires us to do everything possible to prevent this tragic destruction. That’s why it is our policy to spay or neuter every animal in our care. We could never deny these precious animals their chances at happiness.


Please help prevent the needless death of thousands of kittens this season. North Shore Animal League America asks you to support our “Just One” campaign in efforts to reduce pet overpopulation and to abolish senseless death.

With your support, we can drastically reduce the number of innocent animals that are tragically killed, neglected or left homeless. Let’s spring into action and keep the season a time for life.

Support the Just One Campaign and North Shore Animal League America’s mission to save lives.


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I place many animals. each year…but this is a great group of crusaders…pitch in and support them…stay home and eat just one time and send them the money you would have spent there!

When ever I think about that high ticket item I want to buy I think about Schindlers List and think…how can I really use that money.

So, please think about the animals next time you want to go out and eat at that fancy Bistro…think how many mouths you can feed thru this orginization, instead.

Feed them instead of eating them…
Thank you!
~The Baby Boomer Queen~