EASTER and PASSOVER Chocolate….


Chocolate Bunnies, Eggs, Ducks, chicks, Peeps in Chocolate Eggs, Malt Balls. What won’t they cover in Chocolate or mold to perfection.

When ever I recieve a Chocolate Bunny…I eat the ears first…then I suck off the eyes…then I finish him off! Sorry Bugs!

Guys remember to get your sweat heart something Chocolate for the Holidays. I am sure it will get you lots of kisses.

For ME it is DARK Chocolate Rasberry Candies or bars…for Passover. I am too busy to get out and get some this year…but just perhaps, just perhaps, someone will bring me some.


I hope all of you Baby Boomers get what you want for the Holidays, what ever you celebrate…and for those of you who don’t…hit those 50% off sales after wards {wink}.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~
{will post for Dark Chocoalte Raspberry Candies!}