I decided to take the serious side of Easter and expand on it!
Well folks, how many of you know how to boil eggs…

There is an art to it, you know?!?

First of all let your eggs come to room temperature.

The boil some water…enough to cover them…don’t put the eggs in first…that is a BIG NO~NO!

The first thing that goes in the water is the salt…
SALT, you say??? That’s right eggers…SALT. and lots of it. Enough to go in the cup of your palm.

Make sure the salt is dissolved before you put the eggs in and the water is boiling. And guys try not to burn your self…at lease use a spoon.

Boil your eggs for 2 minutes and turn the fire off.
let them stand until the water cools down then take them out, dry them off and it is coloring time…

Which, I will not go into…as there are too many ways to color your eggs and decorate.

But, I will give you a good hint. Put a capful of regular vinegar in your colored water. Your eggs will dye better and the dye will stay on your eggs and not come off on your hands later…

This process is great for deviled eggs…as the shells come off the egg, as pretty as you please.

After you get your eggs colored…do the Bunny Hop! Hop around your kitchen…it isn’t as easy as it used to be, Baby Boomers! LOL At least it isn’t for me. Hop…hop…hop…

Happy Easter
~The Baby Boomer Queen~