Did you hear about the one where a woman was in a Tennessee jail for 10 days…arrested and incarcerated as a man…was found to be a woman??

Alexander David Cross, also known as Elaine Ann Cross, had been in the Hamilton County Jail awaiting a court appearance since Wednesday. Cross pleaded guilty to the charge in a deal with prosecutors.

That’s right jailed for 10 days and then when FORCED to bathe was discovered to be a woman.

Cross plead guilty to having a sexual relationship with a 15 year old {had sexual contact at least three times during June and July 2006} and is currently out on a plea bargain promising to behave for 6 years on probation…and stay away from the teenager.

Cross also must change the gender on her/his drivers license back to female.

The pleas means no jail time if Cross stays out of trouble.

Much to the systems dismay and embarrassment…I guess they don’t do cavity searches when placing an inmate in holding or under arrest…


MALE or FEMALE the act of sexual contact is wrong with a minor
BUT…I guess…if the authorities are embarrassed…and in Tennessee…you get a HUGE break form the law!

Does that seem right to you???

~The Baby Boomer Queen~ reporting on just ONE MORE sexual assault case against a minor!

For a birds eye view different then mine…of this story, see CNN NEWS or AOL News