The really NEAT thing about this Sweepstake is that you get to customize your car…you can make it one SWEET BABY! See for your self how much fun it is…the link is below…

PEPSI has a Sweepstakes for a FREE CAR every day…can you IMAGINE????

This FREE CAR Sweepstakes is until April 29th, 2007…

Grand Prize: Grand Prize: FREE Car Prize – A 2007 Customized “DUB Edition” Subaru Impreza WRX Limited – One FREE CAR winner each day.
Secondary Prizes: Cash For Gas Prize – $20 Cash for Gas – One winner per minute!

There are other FREE gifts…but face it Baby Boomers…a FREE CAR is better!


Register online at or

Enter a code online or via text messaging for a chance to win your FREE CAR and OTHER GREAT GIFTS:

To WIN you must go to the site and enroll!

And folks…remember if you win a FREE CAR…where you got the great info…

~The Baby Boomer Queen~ never forgets you…I am always searching for you…great contests, info and my all too often, rants!

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