Hello Baby Boomers and Friends…

As promised I told you that I would keep you up dated on the little girl who was abducted…Breana Rayne Jarrett…or as we call her…Breezy.

I heard from her Grand Mother tonight.

They are so glad to have her back safe and sound.

The abductor is still in jail, but the woman who drove the get way car/truck and shoved the Grand Mother down to get away and drove like a bat out of HELL…is out on bail! Can you beieve that???

The abductor is trying to get his bail lowered…yes Judge lets get him back on the streets so he can do it all over again!

It boggles the mind!

Little Breezy has her room booby trapped with jars of marbles so no one can take her away…here lies the injustice!
Why should this little girl have to feel this way…why take her innocence away?

I will keep you posted!

Keep them in your thoughts and prayes.

~The Baby Boomer Queen~

Ps…Moms and Dads and even Grand Parents…make sure you have your children registered and listed incase something should ever happen to them.