I was thinking today about what I wanted to talk about next and realized that I hadn’t heard about HIV~AIDS in a long time.

Perhaps, I have been very lucky, because none of my friends are infected with the virus…I take that back…that is definitely the wrong wording…I am very lucky that I nor any of my friends, are infected with the virus!

So, I thought that I would look around and see what information I could find. Not having a TV or reading the paper on a regular basis, sometimes leaves you at a disavantage, when you wnat to write about something.

But, I perfer to have more time to do what I wish, then watching TV or reading the papers which carry a majority of bad, sad and depressing news.

I have a good friend who says, “be careful what you invite into your home.” And she is right…we do this every day, not even thinking.

Any way…back to the subject at hand…

What I found was a WORLD WIDE epidemic!

Most dishearteningly, what I saw were the children from all over the world…cast a side, in orphanages. Faultless children infected from birth. This grieves me so!

PLEASE don’t forget folks…ask for HIV~AIDS funding and show your support! Not everyone has the ability [big bucks] like Magic Johnson to fight this horrible disease.

Wear red ribbons. Lets never forget those who have lost their lives fighting this disease.
Lets have hope and empathy for those who have the courage to fight HIV~AIDS.

Remember Baby Boomers…HIV~AIDS knows no age, rhyme or rhythm…use protection always…many people are infected and have no clue…so don’t be a victim of your own stupidity!