It is that time of year…’the wearing of the green’ and Girl Scout Cookies…

They are almost sold out Baby Boomers…so don’t forget to get a box…

And if you don’t like COOKIES then send some to our troops in Iraq…it is a win~win situation! I know that my friend Monica set a lot of them overseas to our troops! She has a heart of gold!

MY favorites are the Thin Mints…but this year they came out with a new DIET Brownie Cookie…they melted in my mouth…so yummy!

Buy more and freeze them!

As a noted point of interest…I sold more cookies one year then any other Girl Scout! And it was only me selling them…I walked door to door to sell them. It was a great feeling, knowing I had raised more money than anyone for my troop…{always the little sales person}.

Girl Scouts are a wonderful group and I hope that some of you out there are Troop Leaders and Troop Moms/Dads. It is important that we show the next group of Baby Boomers how important how important a high standard of life is.

BUY THOSE COOKIES… LOL [oops I think a cookie crumb just fell on my key board]

~The Babay Boomer Queen and X-Girl Scout~