Hello folks…thanks for checking in this morning.

We haven’t gotten the child back yet…but they did find the abandonded truck that she was abducted in. They had hid it under a tarp.

So now they are in another vehcile.

The police seem to think that they have her in a specific area.

Waiting is very hard. Especailly for the Grandparents…who are her legal guardians.

This little girl lost her Mother last year. So, I am sure this is very tramatic for her.

Breezy and her Grandmother were riding thier bikes when she was abducted…the Grandmother was pushed over and the little girl was taken. The Grandmother tried to get the keys out of the ignition…but was pushed out of the truck onto the pavement as the truck speed off.

The Father had his girlfriend and her son with him at the time of the abduction…that makes her an acomplish and the sad part is that she will go to jail as well and probably loose her son.

Who knows what the repercussions will be when this is all done.

Decissions that you make in an instant can effect your life forever.

I can not even imagine what these people are going thru…all of them. It must be horrible. Even the Father must now know that no good can come out of this.

Pray for the child and her grandparents and that the Father will not do anything else foolish. Pray that if nothing else…the girlfriend will decide how wrong this is and send the little girl to safety. Pray that no one will get hurt.

I know that my prayers are with them…I hope yours will be too!