Well folks, I wish I had something positive to tell you. But I do have PICTURES!

The police seem to think if they make any moves that they might spook the abductor and he will run

….I don’t think he has a pot or a place to piss in and he couldn’t go far…he doesn’t have any money…anyone helping them will be aiding and abetting…hope I spelled that right.

These down South boys are like opossums…they will stay around an area that is known to them. Lets hope so…the area that they fled to is pretty tight knit…

Now the up date on the woman/girlfriend that drove the getaway truck…she is one of three sisters who has constantly hounded the grandmother. Even at the day of Summers…she demanded that she have Brezzy.

Now this woman…lets call her the abductress…was around when the Mother of Breezy died and there was so much of her things that came up missing…that there is suspect as to who took them…if you catch my drift!

Anyway…this abductress was living with the Father at the time of the kidnapping. She also has two other sisters in the area. They all live out in Newberry.

It has been rumored that she might have a fixation on Summer [the mother]. And that perhaps she is taking over the identity of Summer…right down to having her child.

So, you see the plot thickens.

Mean while where is Breezy????

We love you Breezzy and hope to have you back where it is safe soon.

Does any one know the 800 number for the man America’s Most Wanted…AMW…perhaps if there was some national coverage…Breezy would be put on Amber Alert…Joe Walsh {SP?} can get things done!

For those of you in the area…I do know that both of the abductors drive older Honda’ keep a look out for two adults in an older Honda with two children in it a boy and a girl…and two adults in their twenties. I know it is pretty general…but who knows what thread might come in that could help…take down license plates!

Call Detective Heinzmann with details…352-367-4176

Please keep your prayers and positive thought coming this way.
The Grandparents thank you!
And so do I!