Below you will find a site that blasts Jews and writes this slanderous “CRAP” as though he is a Muslin…when he is probably a hide underneath/behind a white sheet, Neo-Nazi, filthy KKK member or maybe even a skin head!

Ugly truth…HA! That is a joke…it is more like the “UGLY” lies!

Come on…A Muslin would never say “you folks”…LOL That was a dead-give-a-way! Way too Southern!

And get this…he says Jesus “wasn’t such a bad guy”…HELLO…Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi! So get your story straight…Christianity was started 200 years after Christ…that’s right 200AD…

You worship a Jewish Rabbi thru your religion…I say go ahead worship Jesus the RABBI. Be my guest!

Wait let me copy what he says…so you don’t have to take my word for it…

5. Stop attacking our institutions. Stop defaming the name of Jesus. Despite what your religious leaders tell you in the Talmud concerning Jesus being a sorcerer who is in hell for speaking out against the Pharisees, the truth is that He was not such a bad guy. All He was trying to do was to liberate you from this paralyzing mindset that has all but destroyed you now. Stop making up things about Him such as that he was gay or whatnot. Allow us the God-given right to revere Him without fear of lawsuits or prison. If you will stop your ridiculous agenda of trying to erase the memory of this good man, then we will stop seeing you as a bunch of obnoxious anti-Christian bigots you have made yourselves out to be, and then the current state of war between us and you will cease to exist, and there will be peace…

And what further more gets my collar tight is the fact that you write such propaganda and won’t let anyone reply. You close the comment section off…so I will have my say one way or the other…

Have you burned any crosses lately??? Is your sole focus just people who practice the Jewish faith or do you ridicule and slander other minorities, diverse cultures and lifestyles as well????

“YOU PEOPLE” disgust ME!

Take your words of untruth and anti Semitic and choke on them! Perhaps the FBI needs to know about your actions!

Bigot…that is ripe or should I say TRIPE!!! You are the bigot!

Here folks…this is what you don’t want your children growing up to be!

Teach them love and tolerence! But never to take verbal abuse from someone who could write words like these!

Don’t forget that was how the Nazi’s got such a hold…no one paid any attention to them…surely that pig won’t fly, they thought…mean while…hate was spreading all over Europe, like a wild fire in Autum. Well, that pig flew…flew all over Europe!

If you pray to God…pray that this type of thinking stops!