Well once again I am at the keyboard…what should I write about today…a lot of my friends try to egg me on…telling me about some injustice or about the delicious Bambi burger they had today…

BUT…today I am going to talk about something rather easy…Mount Rushmore…now the time and structure of this art is fabulous! Gutzon Borglum was a fabulous artist!
I could never do it! Actually I don’t like heights since I started having strokes and lost the balance part of my brain.

But what about a new Mount Rushmore…who would you put on it??? Who today would represent America???

Certainly not Presidents…at least I hope not!

I think I would pick:

Mickey Mouse
Marlynn Monroe
Albert Einstien
Amelia Earhart

…yes I know Mt. Rushmore only four heads…but more is always better for me!

Drop ME a line on who you would pick…

Here is a good site about Mt.Rushmore.