April Fools Day is right around the corner…

For those of you who don’t know it, I am a serious prankster {is that an oxie moron???}. I lie in wait for any unsuspecting knuckle head, who didn’t remember how badly I got them last year!

Here’s a good one! Enjoy…coz this one would make me get out the Depends! I am NOT what you would call computer savy!

DownHoax v1.02

This great prank makes it appear as though an “unwanted” file is being downloaded from the Internet. DownHoax randomly chooses a site from its internal database of “undesirables” and proceeds to simulate downloading an equally distasteful file. DownHoax supports both Internet Explorer as well as Netscape Navigator, and it will display the correct download screen depending on which browser is set as the default. You are unable to cancel or stop this program, if you try it will simply restart the download process.You can also specify the transfer rate that DownHoax uses when displaying the fake download screen.

http://www.rjlsoftware.com/software/entertainment/downhoax/download.shtml So sorry thatyou have to cut and paste this…But this Baby Boomer is just learning the computer.

Command line options for DownHoax:

You can specify the transfer rate that DownHoax uses when displaying the fake download screen. Here is an example:

downhoax.exe 259

This would randomly simulate a download around 259 kb/sec, give or take a few kb.

Not sure what a command line is or how to use it? See our Support FAQ

How to close DownHoax:

Wait until it has completed “pretending” to download the unwanted file and it will display a splash screen. After you close the splash screen the program will exit.

DownHoax will only work successfully on these specific Windows operating systems:
95 98 ME NT 2K 03 XP VISTA