Image of Virgin Mary Appears at School Cafeteria

This one folks has the aroma of a good story!

There’s been another sighting of the Virgin Mary, this time on a baking sheet at a Houston, Texas, elementary school cafeteria. Guadalupe Rodriguez, 60, discovered the image on Ash Wednesday when she was washing up after a pizza lunch at Pugh Elementary school.

The Houston Chronicle reported:

The pan appears to be stained, maybe by grease, with an image several inches tall. A splotch of missing color resembles the Virgin Mother’s down-turned face…

Watch the video. http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews/109341.aspx
See the shrine to the baking sheet.

There is still no word as to whether it was pepperoni pizza or plain.

Hope springs eternal…I am so glad that people still believe in miricles and see good in the every day things in life…like a cookie sheet. Have ya got milk?

But I ask you…where else would one expect to see a Mother, but in the kitchen…slaving over cookies or the cover of Business Weeky??? Yeah…that’s the ticket!